Red Alert! No Meeting in Utah on Saturday!

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

I have received a very nasty and incorrect “Meeting Notice” that purports to be a meeting of The Utah Assembly. Don’t go.

The Biden Administration has ordered a crackdown on patriot groups that they have arbitrarily labeled “insurrectionists”.

The ONLY way that you can be labeled as “insurrectionists” is if you allow Federal U.S. Citizens and/or Municipal citizens of the United States to be active members of your Assembly.

As a result these people are attempting to infiltrate and represent themselves as part of The Utah Assembly, when in fact, they should be attending their own District Assembly while they are choosing to live in the State of Utah or the STATE OF UTAH, and are actually not living in Utah, our State of the Union, at all. They have “gone to sea” and are now offering to interfere in land and soil affairs.

Do not allow this.

Draw the line. Anyone working for the Federales, anyone who hasn’t published and recorded their 1779 Declaration, anyone who is a Federal Dependent, cannot represent The Utah Assembly, cannot be part of the State leadership, and cannot make any decisions “for” Utah in any international venue.

Otherwise, I very much fear that those who are participating in these activities will be rounded up and targeted under False Legal Presumptions, just as the Colorado Nine were.

I wash my hands of any such endeavor and any such group.

I also object to any claim that people have been jailed as a result of anything I told them or encouraged them to do. I have repeatedly told everyone that changing your political status is not a Magic Bullet and it is not retroactive. People who come into the Assembly with pre-existing legal problems must be made aware of the fact that prior legal issues will remain.

And not blame anyone else, if they had other expectations.

If you change your political status in an apparent effort to avoid criminal or civil charges in a foreign jurisdiction, it looks self-serving, and will be discounted as such. Otherwise, we would have real criminals taking advantage and hopping back and forth between jurisdictions, trying to avoid the consequences of their actions.

We have also made it clear that people must study and learn and practice so that they are able to answer for themselves.

Wake up and realize the situation that you are in. These yahoos are claiming that the Civil War never ended, and that you are suspected of being in league with one “side” or the other.

This is very convenient as it allows both sides to shoot at you and bring charges against you. Unless you wake up and learn how to properly identify yourself, and get that on the record, you can imagine the results.

Utah needs to stop messing around and do what all the other States have done. Focus on the work of bringing people home to their proper jurisdiction and establishing the General Assembly, the International Assembly, the Courts, and the Assembly Militia — so that you can self-govern as a State of the Union, and stop this god-awful, infernal, and apparently never ending controversy where none exists.

If people want to function as U.S. Citizens they are obligated by law and custom to attend their District Assemblies. Ditto the case of Municipal citizens of the United States — they are REQUIRED to attend their Municipal District Assemblies — not ours. This is what the Bevans Declaration is for. Use it.

The sooner you separate the sheep from the goats, the better for all concerned.

And until this is done do not attend any meetings, especially any physical meetings.

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