The TRUTH is in the Pudding by Robert-dean: House

1.  PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS UNDER A CONSTITUTION.  Get that through to your brains if you have any left.  And stop referring to your children as kids.  Children are God’s people and kids are Satan’s goats.  People need now more than ever to get out of the brain washed use of the wrong words for what they truly mean.

2.  Edmond Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

I, Robert-dean: House, hide nowhere from evil and give my name, address and email for people of like mind to stand for the truth but most people can not or will not believe in the truth nor will they question me as to my source of it.  Truth comes from within promoted by logic, investigation, and an accurate conclusion.  Thus, I Robert-dean: House, do my best in such reports as this to open that door for all to see inside if they they have the drive and desire for the truth.

3.  We the People do not have rights under any Constitution.  The Peoples rights come from “The unanimous Declaration (of Independence) of the thirteen united States of America” by CONGRESS celebrated July 4 1776. And this is the truth of how it was written.  The Constitution was created as a Contract between We the People and those we choose to represent us under the right of Suffrage under paper ballot. 

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