About Russell J. Gould, The Pirate

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Russell Gould is not a hero.  He’s a pirate. 

Like his pal, Keith Livingway, he stole back our flag from other pirates (Keith stole back copies of The Articles of Confederation) but didn’t return it to the proper owners — the American States and People. 

We weren’t sure about his intentions, and spent a week talking to him about all his ideas, explaining the actual history, and encouraging him —like everyone else— to simply come home.  

He instead claimed that he had “captured” the Title IV Flag for himself and his buddy, David-Wynn:Miller—and away they went to Rome to cut a deal with the Vatican.  Which they did.

As the actual and factual owners of the flag, it’s capture from the Scottish Interloper and its Successors, is potentially interesting.  If John Lafite captures stolen goods from Blackbeard, he may return the goods for a reward. 

But if not, nothing has changed.  Our property is still in the possession of pirates, either way. And the actual international law concerning this remains: “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” 

It’s still our flag, either way.

Russell and David-Wynn could have just as easily come home as the conquering heroes and given the Title IV Flag back to us, and been rewarded and esteemed for their actions. 

Instead, they stole it from the pirates, didn’t return it to the actual owners, and acted as pirates themselves. 

Russell, like Keith Livingway from the Reign of the Heavens Society, is trying to use our looted property as the basis to set up shop for their own “governments”— and as with the Scottish Interlopers, they are pretending to be the Successors of our lawful government. 

Russell has his own privately copyrighted language, PARSE SYNTAX, based –conveniently enough– on DOG LATIN, his own system of weights and measures, and so on.

It’s a complex scheme and one hand-tailored to put Russell in absolute control of the people who fall for this and who use his copyrighted language. He will utterly control their ability to communicate, conduct trade, travel, and do other needful things for the next hundred years— until his patents run out and his copyrights expire.

Meantime, he and his followers are happy to seize upon our emblems and symbols and offices and try to convince us that they are our saviors while they are attempting to commandeer our government on the High Seas, and trying to excuse their larcenous capture of the Title IV flag which they erroneously portray as “the last flag standing”. 

We loaned the Title IV Flag to our Employees, our British Territorial Subcontractors, for their use when exercising our Delegated Powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

This is similar to loaning someone your lawn mower, so that they can cut your grass for you.  
Obviously, they don’t acquire an ownership interest in your lawn mower. 

And it is the same way with our purloined Title IV Flag.  

Mr. Gould is a Third Party, with no reasonable right to exercise our Delegated Powers or use our flag for any official purpose; he has no contract with us and we are not obligated to accept his service.  So that’s that.  A proverbial Mexican Stand-Off.  

Gould has possession of our Title IV Flag, but it remains our flag and he remains a pirate.  Keith Livingway has possession of original copies of The Articles of Confederation, but they remain our property, and he remains a pirate, too, along with the Naval Yard Officers who sold him these artifacts.

No matter how long or how many generations of pirates may claim to have this or that bit of far-flung property that belongs to us, it continues to be our property and they continue to be outlaws, pirates, and brigands. And that is also the character and fate of those who join them in their larceny. 

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