New Publications on the Way

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

It’s Sunday, Valentine’s Day, and we have some happy bits and pieces for you. 

For one thing, you can get your own reformatted copy of my recent article about the “Repugnant Reconstruction Acts and the Imposition of Martial Law in Time of Peace” — which makes the information much easier to read and sort through, and which includes my Annotations, which will help you sort through which “States” – our Federation States or their Confederate “States” — are being talked about.  

This little gem should be required reading for every American, as it explicitly and authoritatively demonstrates in black and white how we got into this Mess, and sheds much light on what we need to do to get beyond “the Civil War” —- 158 years after it purportedly ended.

I have asked our webmasters to post the pdf version and it should be available at soon. 

You will all be encouraged to know that what we are doing as part of the American States Assembly effort is exactly what we should be doing to put a peaceful and lawful end to all the fraud and legal chicanery that has been employed against us by our foreign “federal” subcontractors and the Principals responsible.  

We are also working on a new series of educational materials called “Anna’s Charts” — simple chart-form learning aids for “at a glance” comprehension of both the American Government and Federal Government structures, their relationships, and explanation of what forms of law they function under.

We are also prepping a new series of helpful forms and processes that will make it simpler and more effective when you or those you love are trespassed upon by Federal Employees and federated State of State and County Employees.  

The new process will combine land jurisdiction recording of criminal incidents under Assembly auspices, and sea jurisdiction complainant forms for expedited service through Article 1 Administrative Courts.  

This methodology has proven to be far more effective than any other pathway to justice that we have found to date, for handling a variety of issues including improper Federal Tax Liens and garnishments, CPS kidnappings, misadministration of Probate, improper infraction enforcement of victimless crimes, illegal evictions, and so much more.  

We are hoping to soon extend more outreach to the Law Enforcement Community and will be welcoming our first Continental Marshal Graduates this month — the first Peacekeepers to serve the international land jurisdiction since the de-funding of the Federal Marshals Program more than a decade ago.

As we move forward through the waves of fear-mongering, lies, and deceits we must rise above ignorance and fear and assert our Public Duty to enforce the Public Law, to assure the safety and well-being of our country and our communities.  The sooner that all Americans understand their role and rights, the better. 

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