The Lazarus Initiative

From: Sacha Stone

In parts of the democratic world, they are forcing our brothers and sisters to clad their entire bodies in plastic bin-liners with sellotape, as they shuffle from one location to another. Like citizen gimps… in the thrall of a malevolent dominatrix masquerading as public health! Protecting themselves and others from an invisible bug…so invisible that it’s never actually been identified or isolated… so invisible that you need to get a moot skull-rape test in order to see if you have it, ‘cos the symptoms aren’t there. Nor are the pile of dead bodies in the street there, nor is the forensic science, nor is the reality hologram. But don’t let that get in the way of a Babylonian business model which seeks a sizeable portion of the world population culled as it’s global financial system is soft-demolitioned into a black-hole.

Wrapping humans in trash liners is a classic satanic ritual humiliation… designed to reduce the fabric of human soul and reason to slime. This is what you get as a perfect ‘end of days’ payload from your friendly government. The very thing in our midst which needs to be systemically dismantled and consigned to the flames of hell. Along with any of it’s sub-human technocrats and functionaries who continue to get their dirty little adrenal rushes from enforcing rogue statutes. Petty tyrants. Godless and gutless troglodytes.

Sticks and stones friends. Sticks and stones.

Anyhoo…. most folks living through those perversions of reality generally deserve the payload, because the laws of karma and of cause and effect determine that we get what we permission and what our soul covenants to us. This is hard medicine for a lot of folks to hear and digest. It deeply offends the unrealised soul – but is a flame of pure-truth to those who genuinely seek enlightenment and a higher outcome. We are the engineers and the progenitors and the architects and the dreamers of the holographic fields of our own reality. It is not a punishment and it is not a curse. It is perfect geometry in the now. Inviting us to manifest patterns of perfection. Whatever happens to us happens to us because we are powerful enough at the soul level to absolve that particular experience and transmute it into the higher outcome. This is what defines the heroes journey – for each of us – at every level. Just own it!

Now… how should we go about the fun bit? Dismantling the tyrant, the leviathan, the behemoth, the status quo? By removing attention from it in simple terms. By removing our person and straw-man from it’s unholy grip. By dis-identifying with it’s insane enterprise and witchery. By withholding ANY further coin toward it, and by removing indentureship to it via labyrinthine invisible contracts inveigling us into dream-spell: birth registrations, death certifications, wedding certifications, vehicular registrations, television licenses, dog licenses, fishing licenses, academic certifications, permits, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and all the other statutory bullshit the Devil makes up as he goes along, using badges and batons, tazers and bullets to enforce the godless tyranny against living souls.

Real freedom. Real choice.

I’ve worked it all out! Three things bind us to the Kingdom of Satan: spells, bonds and poisons.

Which is to say cult-programming, registrations, certifications, licenses and the systemic poisoning of our blessed minds, bodies and souls through agrochemical and pharmaceutical stealth infiltration (synthetic molecules). That’s it! The long and the short of it. Filling out the endless affliction of bureaucratic forms with block black capitalised letters: the bonds, invisible contracts, indentureships. By paying out attention to the spellbinding of Netflix, daytime TV, and the myriad deceptions in advertising and marketing which mind-fuck us, and our kids into stupor and intellectual and moral paralysis.

So, knowing this – lets step out of the spellbinding, out of the registrations, and begin to detox ourselves from the wretched poisons. Starting with the statutes, ordinances, codes, and regulations which seek to bind us to that evil empire.

Which is where the Lazarus Initiative comes in.

THE LAZARUS INITIATIVE Launching March 21st (Spring Equinox) via a marathon series of livestream symposiums (and a finale’ event on March 21st 2022). Bringing together whistleblowers, victims, survivors, forensic analysts, bioweapon experts, historians, theologians, medical scientists and health experts on the seminal subject of the gravest existential threat facing humankind: Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, Morgellons Syndrome & E.T intervention of human genetics. This is an ancient story as much as it is a modern contemporaneous crisis. It encompasses cosmogenesis, the status quo and our planetary evolution toward ascension. It is the culmination of over two decades of my own life and work and I am thoroughly looking forward to moderating some of the most brilliant minds and hearts in the world as we build up the big picture toward understanding our human condition and the fellowship of humankind.

The Initiative will facilitate six alternating symposiums over the next calendar year, and will also launch a digital online publication to be released every alternating two months. It will be a subscription based initiative inviting subscription / donations to help build the digital platform and server space required to safeguard the great initiative. Put it this way, we will no longer be relying on Mr Fuckerberg and Jack-Off Dorsey et al to facilitate and house our precious efforts and time.

Symposium Dates: March 21st 2021 – May 21st 2021 – July 21st 2021 – September 21st 2021- November 21st 2021 – January 21st 2022

Journal Publication Release Dates: April 21st 2021 – June 21st 2021 – August 21st 2021 – October 21st 2021- December 21st 2021 – February 21st 2022

The Grand Finale’ Symposium will take place on March 21st 2022. Standby for further announcements over the coming weeks as we build toward the launch date.

CALL-TO-ACTION: I am looking for a film-editor, a dedicated webmaster & ancillary tech support, two people to assist with the digital publication (via Joomag platform) and technical teamsters for the live broadcasting and marketing efforts to work directly with me and my immediate crew on this ground-breaking undertaking. Please make contact directly via email through if you wish to get involved. Please also put LAZARUS INITIATIVE in the subject line as we are inundated with general correspondence and need to make the distinction. Thank you in advance!

Sacha Stone

Vox Populi – Vox Dei

Arise Homo Sapiens

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