Last Nights Meeting Replay

From the Desk of Mark EmeryIn the Covid free jungles of Central America
Hello Friends

We’ve had a number of requests for the replay of last nights blockbuster webinar for the NATF in which we did a deep dive into how one woman refused to close her restaurant business and how the State of Minnesota has attacked her to make an example for everyone else. 
The good news is, that with the help of the NATF she’s filed a counter claim and now the state actors are scrambling to try to avoid claims for millions of dollars of damages.  It’s a fascinating story if you’re into freedom and the legal machinations you can use to secure it.  
Here’s a six minute trailer video on the story and the description box under the video has more important links to enable you to get involved and learn more. 
Please view the video when you can and take it from there.

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