Your Car or Their Vehicle?

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Commerce is business conducted between two incorporated (enfranchised) entities.  

Are you an incorporated or enfranchised entity?  Are you engaged in interstate commerce? 

Probably not, unless you knowingly, willingly, voluntarily, and with the benefit of full disclosure agreed to operate in a “commercial capacity” and adopted the political status of a  Municipal citizen of the United States. 

This basically means that you would have to voluntarily change your birthright political status from a free-born American to the status of a Municipal slave, give up all your constitutional guarantees and donate all your earthly estate, to a foreign commercial corporation run by the Roman Catholic Church for use as chattel backing their debts and investments. 

And there would have to be proof of your willing participation in this scheme.  

Instead, you are still you, and still in control of this situation if you choose to educate yourself and make your employees come to heel. 

You are the “Authorized Representative” so long as you don’t hand your Proxy to the Numbnutz in the US CONGRESS by registering as a “Voter”.  You have every right to authorize the DMV or other “licensed service provider” to issue private tags for your car.  

Different State of State organizations call private plates or private tags by different names but they all mean the same thing — this is a private car being used for non-commercial purposes.  

The right to travel is an inherent and Natural Right.  Nobody can stop you from going from Point A to Point B in your “private capacity” using your own privately owned car or truck on a public road, yet, as many of you can attest, there are plenty of highway patrolmen out there who think they can interfere and arrest you at will.  

This is because you have mistakenly registered your own car or truck as a commercial vehicle, and haven’t authorized the DMV to issue the proper plates and tags for it.  

Left to their own devices (and self-interest) they just give you what they use themselves as government employees— which then allows them to presume that you are “one of them” and are subject to all the same private corporation laws and must obey policies and statutes that they are subject to as a condition of their employment.  

We don’t want to waste a lot of time and effort on this “issue”.  It does need to be corrected on a systemic basis.  But if this is the only thing that consumes your interest in terms of having your rights and freedoms purloined and their constitutional guarantees to you evaded, go ahead and write a letter to the DMV.  Tell them that you are the Authorized Representative for JOHN M DOE and you are authorizing them to issue you private license plates and/or tags that reflect the private non-commercial nature of your car.  

All the State of State organizations we have dealt with have such private designation plates and/or “private registration” tags available. Start digging and asking and you will receive answers.

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