This Nurse Say`s How It Is. Bad Language Edition!

NURSE TELLS IT LIKE IT REALLY IS!!!! lol she tells it in street language for sure but it looks like that’s what it takes for THE IDIOTS TO WAKE THE HELL UP!! ASK YOURSELF THIS IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW OF ONE SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS DIED OF THE HOAX “COVID”… UH WHEN WAS THE AUTOPSY? UH HAS THERE EVEN BEEN A SINGLE AUTOPSY? OR are you just letting them tell you that person died of a fictitious disease while the hospital got paid 70 THOUSAND BUCKS for calling it a “covid death”!! Yeah that’s right, that’s the going rate for hospital death certificates citing a covid cause of death. They only get 30 thousand for hospitalizing and calling it covid. So I’m guessing it’s a whole lot better for the non medical outfits that own that hospital if you die.

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