Hands Off Trump! | Investigate the Real January 6th Conspirators Instead

(1). Donald Trump has been acquitted in the Senate. But as Sen. Mitch McConnell’s post trial impeachment rant against Trump clarifies (done for the benefit of his Wall Street moneybags), the intent still is to prosecute Trump and prevent him from running again.

(2). The Democratic Congress right now is prepared to hang the blame for the riot in the Capitol on Donald Trump through a “9/11 Commission.” This, like the first 9/11 Commission will be a frameup, a witch hunt, and coverup, distracting blame from the actual perpetrators.

(3). The Senate will begin investigating this with a hearing on February 23rd, before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, featuring those fired officials immediately responsible for Capitol Security.

(4). We demand a real investigation focused on the actual perpetrators. The focus of such an investigation should be on the Director of the FBI, and other intelligence agencies, foreign or domestic, known to have informants in Antifa, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the Ukrainian Pravy organization, or any other group now known to have conspired to invade and riot in the Capitol long before January 6th. How many informants or undercover agents are in these groups? What were the informants reporting? What role did these informants or agents play in promoting the idea of invading the Capitol?

(5). The next set of witnesses should cover what intelligence reports were available to Washington, D.C. Mayor Miriam Bowser, the Directors of the FBI and Homeland Security, the Pentagon, and the President and how each reacted to those reports, including all conversations and discussions between Mayor Bowser and Speaker Pelosi. According to the Capitol Police, despite their requests, the National Guard was not deployed to the Capitol because of interventions by House/Senate leadership.

(6). The next area of inquiry involves the relationship of Q Anon to any government agency of the United States, any contractor of the United States, any foreign government agency or contractor, or any political or charitable entity hostile to Donald J. Trump. Since declaring Q Anon to be a domestic threat in 2019, what steps did the FBI, or the Department of Homeland Security take to infiltrate Q and what was involved in that operation? What other government, government contractor, or private social media operations the government knows about, such as Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s Defeat DisInfo, have been directed at supporters of Donald Trump?

Sign here: http://www.larouchepac.com/hands_off_trump?recruiter_id=122449

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