More Charts and Our Invocation of Law

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

In recent days we have been making a real effort to provide “charts” to people so that they can see how things fit in a sequential, more graphic form.  This simplifies and condenses vast amounts of information down to a very few pages. 

Our first chart shows the entire structure of the American Government and the Federal Government — together with the Missing Pieces that are still awaiting Reconstruction. 

Our second chart shows the Assembly Process that our States are currently undergoing step by step.  

Our third chart shows the essence of what we informally call “the Second Great Fraud: 1930-33” — this chart distills (in only three pages!) what FDR’s Administration inflicted on Americans and on our country. 

Please note that we have suffered multiple Great Frauds —the first Great Fraud took place just after the hostilities of the Civil War ended, the second one took place in the 1930’s, and the third Great Fraud is trying to take place right now.  

It’s up to us to stop it.  Ain’t nobody here but us chickens. Oars are available. 

We’ve declined the Pope’s offer to contract with the Biden Administration and explained why in very simple terms.  Joe is a self-admitted influence peddler and crook.  That’s really all we have to say.  It doesn’t matter how many of our Municipal Employees like him. 

Francis will have to pull a more acceptable rabbit out of his hat and it is anybody’s guess how he will manage that, after having engineered a phony election process to get Biden elected in the first place. 
That’s his problem and his pocketbook.  We aren’t going to make it our problem or expend our money to solve the dilemma the Church Leadership created for itself beginning in 1865.  We have enough to do to clean up the results of our own stupidity without borrowing anyone else’s Task List. 

The new chart will be posted and available at my website: and at website. I suggest that everyone download these charts so that you have a ready reference for your own study and understanding and can also just print them out to give friends and neighbors.  

Charted information is dense, but it gets the pain over and done with fast! 

This latest chart also contains a very, very important little thing called an “Invocation of Law” as the very last box on the last page (3).  

As all my students know, law comes from religion— no matter which religion, it all comes from religion.  So, when you “invoke the law” it is the same basic act as what goes on in an “Invocation” in a Church.  You “address” the Law and thereby give it form and force when you invoke it. 

In the present situation two forms of Law are invoked — Admiralty Law and Roman Civil Law. 

These are the two forms of Law that our erstwhile British and Papist Employees use as the basis of their operations in our country, and as it turns out, they have each grossly violated not only the Public Trust, but their own Laws as well.  

Admiralty Law requires that “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” and as our Employees have acted as Inland Pirates, it is obvious that all our assets need to be returned to us and to our control.

Roman Civil Law requires that “Fraud vitiates everything it touches.” By that standard, everything that has gone on in this country and the administration of its government since 1865 has been one fraud scheme after another.  

They stand condemned under their own Law. 

And we’ve invoked it.  Amends and correction must be made without any further shilly-shally.  

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