4 minutes of truth, BUT, when did this air on TV?

From: Robert <trefarmerh@centurylink.net>

Four minutes of truth, BUT, when did this air on TV?  Remember, We the People have had over 40 years to react and plan a remedy.

Listen to this X file explanation of what exactly happened after WW2 as the extraterrestrials became concerned that mankind was in danger of blowing up itself and the planet with them. They have been watching us since then and cautioning our leaders that earth is headed for trouble if a group of  psychopathic Madmen get their way by taking over the planet via depopulation and stealth. It now appears that they screwed themselves royally in Dallas in 1963 under George H.W. Bush (Sherff) and his Nazis who decided to wipe out JFK and the new frontier for future Americans which aroused the ire of 200 generals to set forth in motion a plan to study this deep state and kill it……… AND THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON UNDER THE GUISE OF THIS FAKE COVID SCAMDEMIC.

Subject: X Files – Season 10 – Episode 1 – Conspiracy Scene

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