CAFR New Relationships

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Just in from Walter Burien — he is leaving the “Mainstream” social networking facades and joining Brighteon instead.  I don’t blame him. 
It’s an honorable thing to do, though ironic — these corporations are being bullied to do what the politicians say for fear of losing their charters, and we are the actual owners of their charters.  
They are also being threatened with “patent violations” and forced into silence and censorship for fear of infringing on patents —- and we are the actual owners and protectors of the patents. 
How do you like that for upside down and turned around?  
Walter Burien and I and you all— are the owners of all these corporations. 
The Corporate Bosses just work for us, and all the politicians and bureaucrats, too. Time for everyone to wise up and come home and stand in your proper status as Americans and shut this nonsense down. 
Meanwhile, Walter’s work, and especially his movie, “The Only Game in Town”, can be seen and shared at this new address:

If you have never watched “The Only Game in Town” please do so now.  It will give you an important insight into the way that “government” at all levels has been operating behind your backs and the simple fact that the government owes you — you don’t owe the government. 

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