Excellent Must Watch.. The Entire Covid Scam Explained, In Under 12 Minutes!

The Covid scam is really a cover-up of the collapsing debt based system that began in 1913 and was planned to expire as it now is doing. Rather than blame themselves, the Banksters, Politicians, and Medical Communities went along with the Covid plan. Many have already been quietly adjudicated at Gitmo and off world tribunals. The other unmentioned part of this video is the destruction of the underground bunkers and tunnels that were built as shelters during a planned WW3 in which most of humanity would be exterminated, which would allow these creatures to control the planet and continue their hidden agenda of extracting adrenochrome, childrens blood, to sustain themselves. Over the decades these evil entities have gained control of life sustaining technology that would guarantee their prolonged control over their existence and that of their surviving victims. This scam would weaken the country financially, socially, and remove the people from the streets to allow a secret operation to hunt down the many human traffickers that roam the city streets looking for another victim.

The cabal and its bankers have created this scam-demic to remove their guilt and retribution from the masses regarding their thievery of the peoples wealth via  a corrupted Central Banking System established in 1913 by rich lowlifes after the sinking of a ship in the deep Atlantic waters called the Titanic which was really its sister-ship the Olympic. J.P.Morgan was behind that sinking which killed off the rich industrialists like Strauss, Guggenheim, and Astor who were coming to America to vote against the Federal Reserve Banking Scam. While people were off the streets the vermin bottom feeders were being hunted by a 22 nation task force and killed or imprisoned. This whole thing is a movie designed to educate the masses of the level of corruption that is involved as the bankers were planning to bankrupt America and move their Scam to China and fleece that nation and most likely move next to India. There are around one million Khazarian Zionist Mafia members in the U.S. and about 37 million worldwide. The American people didn’t know what they didn’t know and so fell asleep thinking that everything was all right. There are some who will probably never figure all of this out.


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