Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

I am, of course, quoting our beloved Yahushuah. 
He is instructing us to look within for our own life-source, for the truth, and for the freedom we are heir to, for all the good things that are gifts to the living—and let those who insist on living “as if” they are dead, go do what they do.  
I wish I could begin to explain the utterly unimaginable amounts of energy that are required to order the atoms and molecules that make up even a simple mineral, much less the epic amounts of energy and ordering force required to create and coordinate the hundreds of different tissues that make up your bodies.  
Our brains can scarcely imagine the energy, attention, creativity, and force it takes to create and maintain our presence in a living, physical body.  If we could imagine this, it would be apparent to every one of us seven billion incarnate souls that our being here is no accident. 
Not the least little bit of an accident. 
Think about who you are and why you are here and what makes you a “living being” —-  stop long enough to consider it.  There is a difference between the living and the dead. 
You are called to be alive.  To you, to living men and women, is given every good gift there is in this world.  All actual and factual assets are gifts to us.  All the land and soil, the rocks and water, the trees, the seas, the sunsets— it’s all ours.  It belongs to us, the living. 
The dead inherit only their graves.  
I keep pointing out that there are no living people in the international and global jurisdictions —- none at all, but somehow this is passing right over your heads. These are the jurisdictions and realms of the dead — the realms of  “persons” and “persons” by definition, are dead. 
Even your Lawful Person, which is your Given Name “standing for you” on the international land jurisdiction, is a Legal Fiction and it is dead as a door-nail. 
The difference is that this dead thing, your Lawful Person, which is a possession  — akin to a bicycle or chest of drawers, belongs to you and is for your use, whenever you may need to transact business with the “dead world” —- the realm of corporations and incorporated entities. 
There are people who accept “offices of person-hood” — represented by official titles and offices — and they are acting in the foreign realm of the dead. 
Let the “dead” bury their “dead”.  
Awaken to the glorious truth— that the Earth and all its beauty belongs to the living and not to any corporation or incorporated entity at all.  
Embrace your miracle, folks.  Know that you are the miracle. You, and the Earth, and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars — all part of One Life.  And you are alive, not dead, because of far greater powers than any that are arrayed against you.  

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