Sheriffs, Deputies, It’s Up to You

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

I have said this before and I am going to say it again: 
There are three kinds of “Sheriff” operating in this country.  
The more common kind of Sheriff is a hired Law Enforcement Officer acting as a private security agent, similar to the famous Pinkerton Agents of a century ago. 
These “Sheriffs” are elected by District Assemblies, not State Assemblies.  
Both these Sheriffs and their Deputies work for incorporated (also called “federated”) Counties, which are commercial corporation franchises of one of two large Federal Parent Corporations.  
The State of State organizations that these Counties are part of, are also franchise commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services. 
Typically, things stack out like this: 
“the” United States of America, Inc. (USA, Inc) has operated “the” State of Ohio (for example) and “the” State of Ohio has operated “the” Clayton County franchise.  These are all British Territorial United States business organizations– foreign commercial corporations, and these Sheriffs are elected by members of the populace who adopt British Territorial (Commonwealth) U.S. Citizenship and who are members of the so-called District Assembly. 
At the same time: 
“the” UNITED STATES, INC. (US CORP) has operated “the” STATE OF OHIO (for example) and “the” STATE OF OHIO has operated its own Municipal franchise doing business as “CLAYTON COUNTY”.  These are all Papist business organizations, more foreign commercial corporations, and these “SHERIFFS” are elected by members of the populace who adopt Municipal citizenship of the United States and who are members of the so-called Municipal Assembly. 
Since 1937, these two large Federal Parent Corporations started colluding together under The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.  They have arbitrarily pretended that Americans are all Federal Dual Citizens, both Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, and all owing “allegiance” to their corporations.  
We have proven this using DUNS, CAGE, EIN, and CRIS account numbers.  
There is no doubt that these “State of State” and “STATE OF STATE” organizations are operating as foreign commercial corporations, and that their employees are acting in a foreign and private capacity as private security personnel hired by these corporations.  
One of the consequences of all this is that the majority of “Sheriffs” and “SHERIFFS” actually hold no Public Offices, even though they are being paid out of public trust funds. 
Thus, they have no true bond, no public indemnity, no true public Oath of Office and technically, no authority as what we think of as “County Sheriffs”.  They are operating in the wrong jurisdiction and have been elected by the wrong sector of the populace for that.  
Our Sheriffs and Deputies were never told about this change. 
Many of our Sheriffs and Deputies who kept Good Faith with the people of this country have suffered disciplinary action when they have enforced constitutional guarantees and Public Law, because these foreign corporations benefit themselves by enforcing their private “corporate law” instead. 
This situation led to a watershed United States Supreme Court case, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc., and the standing decision that it is up to the “discretion” of Law Enforcement Officers whether they enforce the Public Laws, including the Constitutions, or not.  
If they do, they may lose favor with the greedy corporations they work for, and if they don’t they may lose favor with the people they are supposed to serve.  This puts LEO Sheriffs and Deputies squarely in the cross-hairs of this international fraud scheme. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. 
But what happened to our Sheriffs?  
Our Sheriffs are Public Officials elected by Americans who are members of the State and County Assemblies.  
They operate in physically defined Counties with supreme authority within the borders of that County to enforce the Public Law — including the Constitutions. 
There are now fifty actual State Assemblies in Session in every State, and as these State Assemblies are populated, so are our land-and-soil based County Governments.  
It has been many years since our States were called into Session and our Counties, too.  
Actual American Sheriffs are elected by the people of this country, and they don’t work for foreign commercial corporations—- in token of this separate status as Public Officials, they are called “Peacekeeping Officials” if they are elected by American State Nationals and State Citizens. 
The elected County Assembly Sheriffs are the highest ranking Peacekeeping Officials and their Deputies are the highest ranking Peacekeeping Officers. It is their Public Duty to enforce the Public Law, including the Federal Constitutions.  
And it is the duty of all LEO Sheriffs and Deputies to obey them.
While it may be left to the “discretion” of individual LEO’s as to whether or not they step up and enforce the Public Law, they are nonetheless under obligation to obey it.  
LEOs have the power to use their discretion wisely and anyone misdirecting them is directly liable for the harm they have caused the people of this country.  That includes politicians, judges, prosecuting attorneys, bill collectors, and others who have preyed upon the American population using fraud and deceit and especially semantic deceit to accomplish their aims. 
Please also see “” which explains the harm to our country  that is being done every day as a result of enforcing private statutory laws and codes on the General Public, including so-called “victimless crimes” and even “thought crimes”. 

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