There is Safety in Numbers

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

People are reaching out in record numbers, many half-mad with anxiety, worry, and fear.  If they aren’t afraid of a manufactured virus or an equally manufactured vaccine, they are terrified of inflation, suffering abduction of their children, loss of their homes, and on and on and on, most of it caused by “the government”. 
But if you are an American, it’s not your government. 
People ask me, Anna, what can we do?  
Well, we’ve already done it.  All you have to do is ask yourself some simple questions, and depending on the answers, do the same. 
1. Do I work for the U.S. Military as an Active or Reserve Duty member?  Yes or No?  
2. Am I a Military Dependent of an Active or Reserve Duty member of the U.S. Military?  Yes or No?  
3. Do I work for the Federal Civil Service?  Yes or No? 
4. Am I a Dependent of a member of the Federal Civil Service?  Yes or No?  
5. Am I seeking political asylum in the United States? Yes or No? 
Most of us can honestly say, “No” to all five (5) of these questions, and that means that we are not: (1) U.S. Citizens, nor are we (2) Municipal citizens of the United States.  
We are Americans. 
Now, if you aren’t a Federal Employee or the Dependent of a Federal Employee or some poor refugee from someplace like Afghanistan, you should have no problem identifying yourself as an American, especially if you were born here—right?  
When people first arrive here as immigrants they are all “naturalized” as US Citizens first — meaning that they are taught about the history and laws of this country and “inducted” as U.S. Citizens as a preamble to becoming Americans. 
It’s like a training course, but it is not meant to be their final stopping point. 
These new immigrants are meant to journey on and to find their place in America, choose the State of the Union where they want to live and establish their homes and raise their families.  
This second part of the process requires them to live in a State for at least a year, establish a home, and not commit any felonies or accept any Public Assistance during that time — and then publish Public Notice that they are adopting (say, California) as their permanent house, home, and domicile.  
Failure to do so results in them remaining in the foreign status of a “U.S. Citizen” / US CITIZEN — and they never actually get to America, and never enjoy the rights of an American, even though they are living here among us. 
Becoming a “U.S. Citizen” or “US CITIZEN” is just a half-way house, a sort of second- or third-class political status that allows people to “reside” in this country, without actually claiming to be Americans. 
Ironically, most of us are born with the right to be Americans, but have been misidentified as “U.S. Citizens” and as Municipal CITIZENS of the United States, instead.  
We have the right to be Americans and claim our birth State of the Union, but we haven’t actually exercised it by recording our political status. 
Unbeknownst to us, we are being classed as foreigners in our own country, and foreigners have no right to own land in America, no constitutional guarantees, and no protection under the Public Law. 
Now that you’ve asked yourself the five (5) questions, and seen the results of not recording your American political status, don’t you think it’s about time you got off your rump and did so?  
As more and more and more of us wake up and claim our proper political status as Americans, the tide turns.  The Public Law gets enforced.  The land and soil returns to the control of the actual owners.  The correct courts are put in place.  And all the legal shenanigans and oppressive taxes and forced vaccinations and improperly imposed “mandates” and all of the rest of the crap stops. 
Because you and a helluva lot of other people woke up, claimed your correct political status, and stood up and said, “Hey, Bubba.  I’m an American.  That’s an  Am-er-i-can from Sheboygan, Wisconsin!”  or  wherever else in this great country you come from. 

And what could be controversial or dangerous about that?  
Nothing.  Nothing at all.  You were born an American.  So claim your heritage and be proud of it.  
Go to: and get started.

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