Every Thinking One of Us Knows

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

So sixteen countries — or to be more exact, the commercial corporations masquerading as the governments of sixteen countries — are all piled on the United Nations organization, demanding that “the UN” take action against “the US” for establishing unilateral economic sanctions against their governments. 
These guys really, truly, demonstrably are confused.   Joe Biden’s “US” is in no position to be imposing sanctions on anybody — and despite all the talk, isn’t doing so.  Neither are we.  
What has happened is that the cash to credit ratio is now so impossibly overbalanced that all economies worldwide are grinding to a halt.  It’s not because “the US” said so.  
Let’s go over the teeter totter example again.  One side of the teeter totter is labeled “Cash” and a 300 pound gorilla is sitting on that side.  The other side is labeled “Credit” and a bull elephant is sitting on that side.  What happens? 
The gorilla can sit there all day long, and nothing is going to happen.  The teeter totter stops.  Everything comes to a halt.  That’s where we all are. 
Now, how did we get here, in this situation—- and for the sake of those sixteen nations —- whose fault is it? 
The Accountants and, more specifically, those misdirecting the Accountants.  
Put bluntly: this situation is the natural result of failing to do bookkeeping for 150 years. 
It’s because the credit side of the accounting ledger for the whole world hasn’t been applied for 150 years. 
This makes it look like everyone is drowning in debt, when in fact, there is no debt by definition, and everyone has a considerable surplus! 
Even poor countries like Haiti and Nigeria, are not in debt, and every country is more than wealthy enough to care for all their people, build all the infrastructure they want or need, and have good lives.  
There is just this one little problem.  The accountants haven’t been doing their jobs.  They haven’t been applying all the credits owed to living people — and what this does is to create giant Slush Funds that the Perpetrators of this “System” use as “Investment Funds”.  
They just arbitrarily redefine the living as “dead” and step in as the public trustees (cough, cough) responsible for managing the resulting estate.  All the credit that is owed to us as living people is then placed “on hold” and “blocked” and siphoned off into employee pension funds and university endowments and God only knows what else —- to benefit the criminals responsible for this scheme. 
And now the proverbial cows have come home.  They have backed themselves into a corner where the “insurmountable debts” that they have created for others can only be addressed by releasing the credit that has been owed to us for 150 years.  
So it’s not time for war, and the UN can’t rationally enter into a war for profit. 
Think about the United Nations mission and charter and what will happen if 209 nations realize that 16 are proposing to act as a gang? What’s to stop that gang from going after any one of them?  The rest of the nations would be forced to form their own gang of 193 nations….. to protect their own interests. 
No, the United Nations isn’t going to go to war against “the” US, even if the  nasty piss ants in charge of DC deserve it —- but what the United Nations and those sixteen desperate (and angry) nations can do, is demand a worldwide audit.  
Let’s tear the books apart and take a look at who actually owns what, and where money and collateral came from, who the actual “investors” are, and ask the crucial question —- why hasn’t the credit side of the accounting been applied?  
That, and having the answers in our back pockets, is really all that needs to be done to put that elephant on a crash diet and get the teeter totter back in motion. 

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