Land Grants and “Presumed” Donors — Notice to the Holy See

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Despite much gossip and misunderstanding, we, the American Government, are still here, still operating our unincorporated Federation of States and our individual State Assemblies. We are not absent, and since 1998, have been in Session at the level of the Federation of States; as of 2017, our States have been called into Session, and as of 2020, all fifty (50) of our State Assemblies are in Session. It has come to our attention that Joe Biden has been elected President of a new Municipal Corporation by our Municipal Employees, and that he is attempting to assert a continuance or successor-ship to contract which we have refused for cause, and that he is also attempting to bond our land and soil assets to promote a 1.9 Trillion dollar spending spree, most of it destined to benefit China. As the presumed donors of the Public Trust he is attempting to administer, we act as the donors and collapse the trust and demand the return of the assets to the owners of record– to our unincorporated Federation of States, and to the unincorporated American States and People. This issue rests squarely on the honor of the Holy See. The banks and other investors including the British Crown Corp who may have an interest in loaning Mr. Biden money are, of course, free to loan him as much money as they wish — without any pretense that he has any authority related to us or any power to attach our land and soil assets, or to claim that our land and soil assets are in any way encumbered by their joint actions or serving to as assets subject to any commercial bonding process whatsoever. If and when our people or their persons receive any funds as a result of any action taken by Mr. Biden or any other Municipal or Territorial Officer, we shall regard these as freewill offerings and gifts without strings attached— regardless of provenance or purpose. The Holy See is hereby given notice that this is our declaration and decree over mandate and will not be altered regardless of whatever scheme may be hatched by our Employees seeking to act as our sovereigns. We strongly recommend that the Holy See should send out an international notice to the banks worldwide, advising them to be on the lookout for impersonation scams on a national level, and particularly, false claims of authority and custodial interest in national assets being advanced by commercial corporations merely in the business of providing governmental services. We particularly advise that such a notice be sent specifically warning the banks not to advance credit to Mr. Biden and his Administration based on our land and soil assets — as he has no contract with us and no custodial interest or actual vested trust or other authority related to our assets, and as a Municipal Officer, he has no reasonable claim to any such authority connected to our land and soil assets. With the return of our lawful government, there is no longer any basis for the pretense of any “emergency” or the existence of any “emergency powers”, no need for any public trusts merely presumed to exist, no need for any foreign military protectorate. Please assist by fully informing all church and municipal officers, all banks, and all municipal military personnel. Other notices and court actions have already been engaged, but we thought a brief Notice to the Holy See in the persons of Pope Francis and the Curia was additionally beneficial to the overall discussion and clarity of insight required. It would also be beneficial to world governance to admit that the Kings of Aragon and the Kings of Gaul are related and are the rightful landlords who allocated the land grants underlying the land patents, and that these are gifts which were received by our government and accepted with thanksgiving in consideration in 1778, and otherwise by Peace Treaty; and, that all so-called land titles issued by the British Monarch are in fact vested in the British Monarch on behalf of British Commonwealth Citizens as trust assets, and may not lawfully or legally attach to American land and soil assets at all. Thank you for your prompt attention to these details and assistance in clearing up any remaining discord or misunderstanding related to the actual nature of the American Government, American land and soil asset ownership, derivation of our land grants and patents, and the fact that our land and soil assets are not available for use as chattel backing municipal corporation debts.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary, The United States of America, Published on the 13th day of March in the year known as 2021

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