My reply by Robert-dean: House – RE: The Plan

Thank you.  I will forward this to all those who are going to show up.  In case you have not seen the report of the truth, see attached. the property Appraiser responded by directing me to the clerk of court and the clerk of court responded with my three page trustee deed that was signed over to me.  I NEVER EVER NOTIFIED THE COUNTY OF MY PURCHASE so how did they know who to tax?   Notice on the three page contract that the property was to be unencumbered?  
Word for word from an attorney on the site, Millionacres, “In order to recoup the delinquent property tax at a faster rate, some states and jurisdictions will sell the tax deed to a third party investors through a tax lien sale.  The purchasing investor bids on the lien, buying the right to collect the unpaid taxes in addition to monthly or quarterly penalties and fees.  This process does NOT give the tax buyer any rights or claim to the property, simply the right to collect the tax.”
There are laws in Florida that say the county can do this after two years of non payment unless otherwise the party opts out which I did via affidavit in 2014. In public record.   Also, if the county fails to post the sale within the proper time, they forfeit and can not at a later date.  They did so after I claimed Title in 2017, sold in 2019.  Five years later.  And now to secure the deal under lawful contract I have to be willing to collect the $13,066.00 set aside for me out of the sale.  Can you not see the fraud scam in all this?    The property is now worth about $40,000.00 vs a true contract sale for $13,066.00.  After fees of course and one of the fees is a $1,600.00 some lien on the land by All State Ins.  I thought they could not sell land with a lien until the lien is resolved????  Just part of the scam?
Also, I have never been served anything from the Sheriffs office until the 4th of Sep. when they wrote me a trespass warning while I was standing on a neighbors land and on the word of the real estate agent with no affidavit of such.   This is impossible.  But not by a FICTITIOUS CORPORATION, they make the rule as they will.
The only service I got was when the real estate agent drove a woman over in his truck who was a private process server who served me a summons.  I answered that summons within the 30 days with an affidavit of no contract and canceled it out, lawfully.   Nothing was said about it except the summons was later taken out of the public record after my affidavit was entered.  I then sent all the documents to the Judges home in Cape Coral, he was pissed and had the real estate attorney do a “Notice of Hearing and reason to not charge with Contempt of Court”.  I did not attend the phone in hearing but a friend did.  He informed my 10 minutes after the call / Hearing ended which resulted in a letter from the clerk of court asking me not to sent documents to the judges home or he would report it to the Sheriff as stocking. ( What Sheriff I wonder, Lee or Charlotte?)  What a joke.  Oh, by the way.  It turns out, the Judge is not a Judge after all.  He is an Administrator of the County CORPORATION. 
“The truth seeks light and can not be darkened”.  Thank you for your reply.

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