The Plan

I have a plan and need all your input if you will be witness to it.   By Robert-dean: House

As you may know, my 20 acres of land was cut in half, unlawfully, and the south 10 acres was sold to a real estate agent who has since put up a five strand barb wire fence across it, cutting off my easement to the north 10 and the killing of my animals, stock.  The agent along with the Sheriffs office orchestrated an event on Sept. 4th that got me trespassed from my land.  No one will answer my letters or affidavits as to who cut it in half and for what purpose was it cut.  I do know that it had to do with giving me a better break on the property tax by giving me a homestead exemption on the north half where the home is and an agricultural exemption for the trees being grown in the nursery, on the south 10.  Only problem here is that all the trees grown are in fact on the North end.  This is fraud on behalf of whoever did the separation. 
My plan is to have as many witness present on a Sat. morning, (yet to be determined),  as I take down the fence in defiance of the fraudulent trespass to see if the Sheriff will in fact attempt an arrest.  If they were to do so then everything will come out in a forced investigation under the public eye. 
I intend to be transparent with the event and to notify the S.O., attorneys, media, etc. for the fullest of coverage.  You will also be witnesses for the sheriffs office.
I need to know how many people will show before I go forward with the plan.  I also do believe that the S.O. will not want to further themselves with this fraud, therefor will not show.  I have eyes for miles around to see if they are in fact in the area.  Also, before making the move, I may decide to cancel depending on who shows to defend the fraud on behalf of the agent.
To all who show up, I will give a copy of a complete investigative report on the whole incident.
Your thoughts please.  And pass this on to others.  Thank you.

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