Well Over a Century Ago…. Part 1

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Yes, well over a century ago, in a U.S. (Territorial) Supreme Court case, Juilliard v. Greenman, 110 U.S. 421 pendant, 1884, it was determined that when you use an unconditional endorsement on a check and do not demand lawful money, it is presumed that you are “voluntarily” agreeing to the Federal Reserve System and are “pledging” all your assets and income against the National Debt in the case of a collapse. 
Under this interpretation, using Federal Reserve Notes is voluntary, hence, also, paying the Federal Income Tax attached to the use of Federal Reserve Notes is “voluntary”. 
Of course, the only actual alternative offered at the time were U.S. Notes which are lawful money, but which are strictly limited to a total issuance of 300 million dollars. How long do you think it would take for 320 million Americans to “claim” and “redeem” and use up 300 million such “dollars”?  
It’s laughable in today’s terms, but that’s what they put on the table back when in an effort to limit their bank’s exposure. 
A lot has gone on since then, including the fact that we all finally caught up to the history of things that happened over a hundred years ago in the foreign baileywicks of our Federal Subcontractors. 
What’s really going on?  
By non-disclosure, the Brits and guilty members of the U.S. Territorial Congress are entrapping as many unwary Amercans as possible, and presuming them to be Municipal citizens of the United States because they are using the private script issued by the Municipal United States —Federal Reserve Notes, to conduct business.   
It’s the so-called “Fourteenth Amendment citizen” scam in action.  It’s the reason the Vermin always describe Federal Income Taxes as “voluntary”.  
So what happens when you track all of this forward?  
Well, obviously, $300 million wouldn’t last longer than a snowball in a bake oven today, but back then, it lasted until 1907.   
That is when they put our land up as collateral for more spending on that occasion, and that pillaging lasted until 1953, during which time our clueless parents and grandparents labored to pay mortgages and property taxes they never owed.   
When they bankrupted the USA, Inc. in 1933, they put up our labor as the collateral for more spending, and that lasted until 1999.  
And all those years our grandparents and parents labored like field hands and fought two World Wars and paid mortgages and property taxes they didn’t owe and gave the Vermin a fat slice of their earnings as “Federal Income Taxes” when in fact they had no “Federal Income”.  
Please note, they are using our assets, our land and our labor, as collateral —and they are pretending to “represent” us in our “absence”.  Our Federal Employees, both Territorial and Municipal— and both are ultimately under the control of the Pope— have been caught privateering against their own Employers. 
Oh, my.  Guess what happens when the Employers wake up from their long sleep?   Where I come from, it’s called S^&$#T Hitting the Fan…. but, what do I know?  
And just this past week, Joe Biden, who is nobody and nothing but the “President” of a penniless new Municipal Corporation, “offered” to pull the same trick again —- offered to put our land up as collateral to borrow $1.9 Trillion —most of which is already owed to China to pay off “trade imbalances” created during the Obummer Administration.  
“Trade imbalances” is code for siphoning off money owed to the Chinese workers and paid in good faith by American workers, but stolen in transit by Generals, both American and Chinese, working on both sides of the transaction.
Oh, my— again.  
So instead of letting this criminality go on any longer, we raised our hands to stop the carousel.  Or pull the brake.  Or however you want to put it.  We not only said— flat out — that Joe Biden doesn’t represent us.  We told the world that he and his Administration don’t have a contract. 
Which is absolutely true.  They don’t.  We are at that enviable moment in history when the old fraudulent contract which was never anything official or binding or anything but “assumed”—– is over and in dispute, and the new version of the same evil is trying to move in and capture a contract by assumption.  
And we said: “What? Some Municipal Employees pretending to represent us? No, no, no, no!  We are here presenting ourselves. We are awake.  The Americans are back home again and the American Government is in Session.  As we read our constitutions, we don’t recognize Joe Biden and his commercial corporation “Congress” as representing us or having any power to access our credit or encumber our assets.” 
That’s the sound of the Big Blobs hitting the Big Fan.  This is the equivalent of going to your bank and saying, hey, I didn’t make this charge.  I didn’t write this check.  I didn’t authorize this attempted access to my accounts. 
So the Pope and Joe Biden are going to have to pay their own bills, and not on the backs of clueless Americans. 
Now, what about Julliard v. Greenman?  Just as we have taught you, fully inform your bank that all funds entering, leaving, or being transferred within your accounts are to be “denominated” as lawful money, and transacted through the Treasury Window.  
And always endorse your checks and cash deposit slips (if you are silly enough to have any) without prejudice, redeemed in lawful money per 12 USC 411, followed by your account number, all rights reserved. Get yourself a rubber stamp with a line for your signature and this verbiage and use it every single time you cash a check.  
This protects you and your assets in a number of ways.  This also makes it clear that you are not agreeing with the Federal Reserve scam and are not “voluntarily pledging” your assets — including your life and your land and your earnings — in support of it 
The Rest of the Story will be covered in “Well Over a Century Ago…. Part 2”.  

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