Tucker Carlson Humiliated Joe Biden Over This Strange Thing Biden Did on TV

Joe Biden delivered his first primetime address to the nation.

All hell broke loose afterwards.

And that’s because Tucker Carlson humiliated Joe Biden over this strange thing Biden did on TV.

Joe Biden delivered what critics contend was a bizarre and un-American speech to the nation about the coronavirus.

Biden’s lie-filled speech was not the main news.

That would be Tucker Carlson’s reaction to it.

Afterwards Carlson slammed Biden for his ultimatum that unless Americans wore masks and unquestioningly followed Dr. Fauci’s absurd orders, Biden would order another national lockdown.

“And national unity isn’t just how politics and politicians vote in Washington or what the loudest voices say on cable or online. Unity is what we do together as fellow Americans. Because if we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions change, then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track. And, please, we don’t want to do that again,” Biden muttered.

“This is a free people. This is a free country,” Carlson fired back in response.

Critics contend Biden was acting like he was the President of China as opposed to America with an authoritarian decree that Americans may be able to gather in small groups with their families for the Fourth of July holiday if they followed the government’s decree to the letter.

“Because here’s the point: If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th, there’s a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbeque and celebrate Independence Day. That doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together,” Biden rambled.

Carlson ripped Biden for slipping into authoritarian mode and actually believing he had the power to dictate the American people’s Fourth of July social schedule.

“How dare you tell us who we can spend the Fourth of July with,” Carlson added.

In one of the most outrageous moments of the speech, Joe Biden expressed sorrow for the Americans that lost businesses and even their lives to the punishing lockdowns.

Carlson pointed out that it was Joe Biden and his party that supported the lockdowns that destroyed lives and killed businesses.

The Democrat media praised the speech uncritically.

Many Americans were not surprised by that.

Journalists see it as their job to act as a mouthpiece for the state now that Joe Biden is President.

But as Tucker Carlson dissected Biden’s remarks on his show it became clear that Biden’s words were the words of a tyrant.

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