China eyes new goal of military parity with U.S. in Asia by 2027

By David Steele

China eyes new goal of military parity with U.S. in Asia by 2027

Why is Biden and Kamala Harris in office? So that China can win the world stage and the World War that will destroy America and put China at the lead of the New World. Military Generals are warning that America will not last long against China. The pandemics and depressions always ended with a war and I guarantee you that war is coming very soon. They are working their legal magic to make sure that the majority of US citizens or those born in America can not leave because China and investors get a huge payout from the huge loss of life which will set the stage for the new world economy. Biden has already crippled America’s ability to fend off what’s coming by shutting down oil pipelines and getting rid of oil reserves. The deep state and the democratic party, Big Tech are working hand and hand with China to make sure that America is crippled and unsuspecting of what is about to take place. I ask you are you ready and do you not think it’s time to abandon the US Ship that is sinking? If America survives in any way it will be a competently different place! All these politicians have back door deals and they believe they will be allowed to survive LMAO they are going to be any different. The liens say every man woman with libs arms legs hands and feet. They are toast too. China is coming for America, Israel, Europe, all of it. You will see!

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