The Truth Counts

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

One big problem with Fulford and his “reports” —- he always makes assumptions based on his experiences in Asia and what the Asians tell him. We have FDR on movie film admitting that the Federal Reserve was initially funded with 6,000 tons of gold looted from the Americans, not any Asian gold deposited with the New York Fed. That was a separate issue, especially as all the Federal Reserve Banks are completely separate entities.

Sitting here between the worlds of East and West it is easier to sort out the Whole Truth. It wasn’t that Asians weren’t getting paid for their goods, though it may have looked that way to them. It was a matter of the “pipeline” carrying the goods and the money, both. The transfer mechanisms were all controlled by the Rockefellers, and later by the Generals of both the U.S. and China.

The Generals on both sides colluded to siphon off the money flowing from the West and the goods flowing from the East. Both of the militaries and the politicians associated with them gorged themselves on Chinese labor and American money.

This is how the “Secret” Space Force was funded. This is how the vast Chinese land forces, the cities in the Gobi Desert, and so many other Chinese development activities have been built and maintained.

Now they are all trying to circle the wagons and blame each other and blame the civilian politicians, but the Truth is that both the U.S. Military and the Chinese Military are to blame for stealing from our mutual trade pipeline. This has been set up to make it look like the Americans weren’t paying their bills, and like the Chinese were being victimized, but the Truth is plain to see.

Neither side would have continued to trade if they weren’t benefiting from it.

The benefit to both sides was the existence of a huge and readily accessible Slush Fund that they could secretively use to fund military and industrial projects without having to deal (much) with the civilian politicians.

And all without the public in either country knowing. So now we know.

The money has been spent, the goods have been purchased, and here we all sit. The economic “pump” is grinding slowly to a standstill, because we are all too stupid and selfish to deal with reality. There are those who want to go to war over this in hopes of killing off sufficient numbers of their Priority Creditors; indeed, this war is already launched in America — the only place on Earth where any “health emergency” exists.

It is clear now that those who have been fully vaccinated are dying at the same rate as the general population. It is also clear that the overall death rate is the same, statistically, as it has always been, with respect to flu virus and seasonality of the Common Cold.

It is also clear that those responsible for all this have ties to the old Nazi Party, but not as people initially think —- not the German Nazi Party. We are facing—primarily—- the French Nazi Party, which also had many adherents in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.
Examination of the bank records in Monaco and Liechtenstein and Rome have proven that the Vichy French did not just disappear after the war, and that they were the primary beneficiaries of Hitler’s Empire. The plans for this present situation were put in place as early as 1910. We are dealing with a vast international, multi-generational crime syndicate, with the kingpins operating out of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

The BIS was established to keep a lid on all the theft and banking chicanery. The World Bank was created to channel the profits. Thus we have the pillar and the post of FreeMasonry sitting here in broad daylight, pretending to be anything and everything, but what they are.

Unlike their German Nazi counterparts who were hunted and forced to flee to the far corners of the Earth to try to eke out lives for themselves (many German Nazi soldiers ended up as mercenaries working for the French Government in Southeast Asia — especially in Vietnam, South America, and Africa).

The Vichy French are also the connection to the continuing criminality in Canada.

Finally, it takes no great eyesight to see that the French have been at the center of the Nazi Globalist Movement for a very long time, even before Hitler, and that they were in turn the instruments and agents of the corrupt elements of the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church, both. Both these major bastions of Catholicism have been used as storefronts and as safehouses for criminals.

Just as we tend not to think about the Vichy French when we think of “Nazis”, we tend not to think of the Eastern Orthodox Church as a problem akin to the Roman Catholic Church, but bear in mind that just as the German Nazis and French Nazis were born of the same political ideology, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Church of Roman share the Roman legacy in common— which means that the same Roman paganism that co-opted the Church at the Council of Nicea spread to the East as well as the West.

Note well Prince Philip’s Greek origins, his family ties to the Eastern Orthodox Church (his Mother became a nun in the Eastern Orthodox Church) and his connections to the Vichy French Governor of Ottawa, who delivered $950 Trillion dollars worth of “Life Force Value Annuities” to Prince Philip in April of 2017, exactly three days before he “retired” from public life.

There is much more to be observed, like the physical similarities between Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and the most talented of all the German Nazi Lieutenants, Reinhard Heydrich —- a similarity so pronounced that Prince Charles is never photographed in left profile.

And why is it, you may ask, that Eva Braun, a professional photographer, never allowed her beloved Adolph to be photographed from a complementary angle and always with a ridiculous moustache? We would have noticed his facial and physical similarity to George V.

The same sorts of issues apply to the entire Bush-Walker family hegemony running “the” United States. Get out your photos and look at GHWB, GW, and former Alaska Governor Bill Walker. Now look at Jeb Bush and former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Now look closely at former VP Al Gore and U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski — same family, the Gore Family, and they are in turn related to the Chicago Daley Clan.

And you wonder why Lisa Murkowski is famous as a RINO? Get out your spectacles and look—- simply look at the world around you.

These people are all Nazis. Prescott Bush funded Adolph Hitler, and thanks to the Vichy French and traitors in America, and traitors in the British Government, including members of the Queen’s own family, guess who got to be President?

So how do you get rid of Satanism or Nazism or any bad idea?

Can you fight such a foe on a battlefield or even in a courtroom? No, you must fight such evil in your own mind and heart. You must examine the teachings of these ideologies and discern why innocent people would support them? And then you must remove those motivations.

Just as we rear-ended their plot to re-label people as animals and then via a phony vaccination gain the right to claim that everyone vaccinated was a Genetically Modified Product (GMO) at a cellular level, and therefore “property” belonging to their corporations, we can deprive them of their money and their profit motives and their rationales.

As we sit here at the start of 2021, watching the world economy implode via planned demolition, we seem stymied and confused, unable to take action because we can’t interpret what’s going on.

Well, here’s a start. The practical problem lies with the BIS and World Bank, both of which are hopelessly crooked. After that, it lies with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the various so-called “depository trust company corporations” like the DTCC. These “depository trust company corporations” have been used to unlawfully securitize living flesh and to unlawfully convert international trade into international commerce.

Last, but not least, we can hold the ecclesiastical authorities responsible for the proliferation of all these forms of corporations and their resulting business models, accountable.

I recently read two articles that matter — one proclaimed that every war in history has been preceded by a theft, and another that observed that the destruction of the world has occurred twice before, once by fire, once by flood, and now, it is coming to us from the air, that is, from the realm of ideas and mental constructs, both good and bad.

We have been indoctrinated to believe in the existence of such things as “the government” as if it were something separate and apart from ourselves; just as we have been taught to think of political parties and ideologies as being something separate and apart from ourselves.

Now, we must wake up and realize that, no, this isn’t so. All these things exist only in our minds, via a process of compartmentalization, which seems to establish their identity as separate from us —- when in fact, they cannot even exist without our belief in their existence.
Stand in the middle of a courtroom and ask, “Where is the State of Maryland? Does this man, the Prosecutor, represent the State of Maryland?” They will answer, “Yes, he does.”

And then, you may question him —- “And what is the State of Maryland?” —- knowing that it is only a commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services. “And where is your authority to act for this corporation?”

Go on, children. Have a Field Day. Tear apart and deconstruct this wall of ideas and purported authorities, choosing among them only those that faithfully serve your best interests to believe in.

As one of my favorite film heroes, Hub McCann, instructed his young Grand-nephew: you don’t believe in things because you can hold them in your hand. You believe in them because they are worth believing in. Thus, we believe in love, even though we cannot see it. We believe in freedom, even if we have never experienced it.

And we must realize that we have the ability to choose what we believe in.

Do we believe in a world where we are helpless, brainless dolts? Mere slaves to a hodge-podge of bankers and securities brokers (and their collaborating insurance agents and bureaucrats) who make their livings from legalized theft of our assets?

Are we Slaves who meekly hand our proxies to “representatives” chosen for us by faceless, nameless political parties who no longer even try to deliver on their promises? Political Parties that can’t even mount a roster of candidates faithful to their own platforms?

Not me, Brother. I will not be overwhelmed by such nonsense and puerile guile. I won’t participate in it, just because it appears to be the only show in town.

I will choose other ideas and other forms of government.

Globalism is nothing but the newest shade of failed doctrines and bad ideas, the ghost of Nazism, the shadow of the Holy Roman Empire —- all things founded on fraud and doomed to fail.

We each need to found our world on the solid bedrock of truth and fairness, and when we do, we find that the evil in High Places flees from the light of rational thought. We can discern the difference between what is imagined and what is real. We can enjoy the peace and security we are owed.

Go to: and get started toward a New World that you choose and create.

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