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Websters Dictionary 1828 – Webster’s Dictionary 1828 – Trust

The trust that established the authority of government was We the People, the elected selected to operate the Government as a corporation.  They betrayed the trust of We the People.  Thus, the office of profit was created by the corporation based on greed and control.
The cabal had this planned years ago.  As of 1871, and before. The oath one takes, or took, is that of the corporation but the oath taker believed it to be to something else.  If one takes an oath to the Army, he/she is placing their service / servitude to that corporation.  Thus,  becoming a servant.

When the people put trust in another to represent them and their others he/she is giving up the right to represent oneself with that trust to another.  As you can see by all the definitions of, “Trust”, it depends on how it is used.  The cabal use it to mean that the one is incompetent and can not handle his/her own affairs. 

As you know very well, the people, in the mid 1800’s elected officials under trust to represent them at a central meeting place identified as Washington, D.C.  Davy Crockett was one such elected.  At the time it was made a voluntary position and was without pay making it a sound trust.  It all fell apart when they, the elected, voted themselves a profit for their service and then went under control of the cabal corporation.  The people looked the other way and thought it was ok for them to make a living as our representatives under the cloak of Government.  The people did not know how the corporations had deceived them and that the corporations changed the words from one Constitution to another, looking similar.   

How does one betray his/her government when in fact we have none to betray?  One can not betray a corporation if he/she is not a member of it.  But, by claiming the right to not take part in it and the right to own property not regulated by it, is in fact a right, should one wish to self govern under common law.  Should the corporation violate that right, one has but to put a claim to the one, ones, who did so.  This is why they hide under the corporate veil and have others to do their bidding thus causing a conflict between two parties then their LEO’s are called in to get them to consent to the corporations’ courts.  

All these corporations have CEO’s, board of directors and agents,  ie. Clerk of Court, Tax collector, etc. and can, as a real live people, John Q. Public and as a fictional character, JOHN Q. PUBLIC, they can have claims, not leans, made against their property under Magna Carta 61, by anyone who they have harmed and are not a citizen under their authority.

They never once answer our Affidavits, right?  The next step is by order of the Common Law Court of Record, which is the affidavit in public record, is to put a Live Life Claim on their lands and property.  No use of their codes or statutes can be used due to copyright infringement. 

The codes and statutes have been created by them for them and are theirs and must not be used against them as one of their citizens and not by anyone with rights vs privileges.  If one is not a citizen then he/she has a right to place a claim under common law.  The claim can not be challenged because it is based on the affidavit that went unanswered, an Affidavit of truth which is now proven as such and has enforcing power as it stands.

A copy of the affidavit, or the book and page number along with its location is written on another affidavit of Live Life Claim, putting a claim to their land located at block, section, NAC number, etc. then put into the public record.  (By the way, if they no longer receive your documents in the home county, one can go to another county and do it, they then forward it to the county where the property is located.)  Then send them a certified copy of it and also to Sec. of St., Fl. and D.C. and to the Securities Exchange Commission and DUNS of Bradstreet. There are other ways to do it also. 

Also, under the President of their own corporation in 2017, he signed an E.O. locking up all assets of those who have and are still committing Human rights abuse and corruption.  See E.O. 13818 Dec. 20, 2017. 

This is what our local officials, ALL, fall under.  By doing a claim, it locks up their access to continue their crimes, can not with out funds. 

In my property situation, there is no contract for a property tax.  Where there is no contract there can not be enforcement.  But they did enforce it anyway, all under Human Rights Abuse and Corruption.  

Their day is coming and so is our justice.  239-229-6243

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