New Gun Control Bills

My take on the, “New Gun Control Bills”  by Robert-dean: House

This is directed to YOU CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION, you imbeciles, “Only you can stop the spread of a forest fire”. If you are not willing to comprehend this, the United States, that the thing, know better as Bite-on, is in charge of, is a CORPORATION as Wal Mart, Sears, Tom’s pluming service, etc. Their codes and statutes are meant for them and all who follow them.  Here is the proof, Title 28 United States Code ss = sub section, 3002, paragraph 15, “The United States is a Federal Corporation”.  This is their code and yours if you claim to be a citizen of theirs, which you all do out of Ignorance, Pried and Envy. Due to this you want to keep up with the others, to be licensed as they are, to be registered as they are, to be just like they are, unlike God.

The new gun control bill, “Sabika Sheikh Firearms LICENSING and REGISTRATION ACT, HR127, is only for those who claim to be CORPORATE CITIZENS.  Just like the FEDERAL CONCEAL CARRY PERMIT lots of you consented to.  Why would you need one if you believe in the 2d Amendment?  You just gave up a right for a CORPORATE PRIVILEGE and I may add, just gave them the name and address of one who has a firearm and that PRIVILEGE can be taken away at any time.  Do you think that that time is getting closer?  It is you who they are going after first to make an example of.  Of course the media will turn it around and claim that you were one of those patriots and not say a thing about your registered firearm.

Every thing I see out there and on the net is taken into my mind, one of God’s greatest of all computers and assimilate to mean only the truth as it is meant to be. 

The approaching reset is not what the warped mind would think it to be under the Cabal but that of God resetting your mind to get everyone on the same sheet of music, sort to speak. 
Do a live live claim of who and what you are and what you are not assumed / presumed to be by any entity (s). 

I have three machines, (conveyances), I drive on the highways under the right to travel that are no longer REGISTERED.  I no longer use their Drivers License.  I am self insured with unencumbered property under a Title in my name as, Robert-dean: House.  Nearly stopped several times by their LEO’s and stopped once as the LEO approaching me and I was speeding in a construction zone, 150.00 fine according to their statutes, and doubled in a construction zone, expired registration tag, he approached the passenger side and saw I had  no seat belt on and asked for a D.L. and proof of Insurance.  I handed him my Live Life Claim and informed him politely that all the information he needed was on that form.  He took it and started back to his car when the dispatch contacted him with the tag numbers I had placed a claim to as I had once paid in full for that tag with the State.  He turned back and handed me the document and asked me, politely, to please slow down in the construction zone and then departed.  YES, WHAT I AM SAYING DOES WORK BUT YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM ON YOUR OWN, NO ONE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU.  I can show you how but I can not make you do it.  Just like “You can leading a horse to water but you can not make him/her drink”.  Pun: (“I have never tried water board”.)

Even my closest friends believe in the fear mongering by all medias which is hard to combat because they are under the T.V. mind control.  Believe me, by doing as I have done you will be truly free and you will feel it too.  The CORPORATIONS of Charlotte County Florida do not want anything to do with me and the Sheriff’s CORPORATION will not investigate any sworn, lawful affidavit of a crime I report. Now that can be a problem but all truth will come out sooner if not later for affidavits statements of…. have no statutes of limitations and remember there needs to be a contract in order to be enforced.  Ask and you will receive.      

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