Additional Notification of Issues for The International Court of Justice

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

In the matter of the Great Fraud against the lawful American Government by foreign commercial interests acting in Gross Breach of Trust: 

Our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors, which have been operated as private, for-profit commercial corporations, have claimed to be our Trustees — thereby making us their dependents — even though we are also the purported Donors of these Public Trusts which they have created in our names, and even though we have ordered their dissolution and dispersal back to the States and People to whom the assets belong. These foreign commercial corporations have also claimed that we are their legal dependents and that they are under a legal duty to support us as a result of exercising our delegated powers “for” us.  
Read that: they insure their operations as commercial corporations and thereby secondarily insure us, so they have claimed that we are their legal dependents, even though they work for us and charge us for their insurance costs.  

They have been getting away with this outrageous claim of “legal dependency” because we were not “otherwise insured” —- which for us means “indemnified” with an indemnity bond lodged with a bank somewhere. 

The United States Treasury is our bank, so in 2017, learning of this claim and circumstance, we lodged and allocated the AMR10001-AMR100001 Bond and Bond Series as an Indemnification Bond for all fifty States of the Union to put an end to the idea that we are legal dependents of these corporations in our employ.  

These lawful Indemnity Bonds are lodged in the name(s) of Anna Maria Riezinger, the Fiduciary acting for our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776.

Proof of this action is hereby provided in the form of jpeg files of each page of the referenced Indemnity Bond and Series and the associated mailing receipts which are attached to this communication.  

This is additional proof that our American Government is alive and well and conducting its international business in a responsible and logical fashion despite interference and fraud and unsupportable claims on the part of certain Federal Subcontractors that have been taking their paychecks with one hand and criminally subjugating their Employers with the other. 

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