Dear All,

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

We realize how angered, anxious, and unhappy you all are, and how disillusioned you have been by many efforts to correct the situation, and also all the disappointments that come from believing in “hope porn”. 

You have reached the right conclusion — there is nobody here but us chickens, however, it will be a comfort to know that we finally have the problem legally and historically analyzed, and that allows us to move forward with the correct solutions.  

What I have to tell you isn’t pretty.  I wish I could be there to shake your hands and look you in the eye.  The truth is that our country has been stolen.  The fact that it was stolen a long time ago and by our own employees, doesn’t make it any easier to face.   However, having faced that fact, we also now know how they did it, and as a result, we know how it can be undone.  
By Maxim of Law, “As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.”

We are the secret and the solution to our own dilemma.  Nobody but us can solve this problem for us.  

And here’s the problem.  We have been deliberately misidentified as Territorial U.S. Citizens (as if we were born in Puerto Rico) and as Municipal “citizens of the United States” — otherwise known as “Fourteenth Amendment citizens” —- saddled down with two (2) foreign political citizenship obligations, when in fact, we don’t belong in either one.  

We are Americans.  We derive our nationality from our States of the Union.  And we don’t voluntarily adopt the foreign Federal citizenships at all—-nor do we have any cause or rational need to adopt Federal citizenship.  

We and our States are still alive and well, thank you.  

What to do?  You have been impersonated as something you’re not. 

So, you correct the record.  You declare your birthright political standing as an American.  You say, hey, I’m a Virginian….. or a Minnesotan…. or….. 

And then you join your State Assembly and get ready to roll. 

There are all sorts of different kinds of “districts” out there now, Municipal districts, Federal Districts, and so on.  

I explain this to people in terms of The Three Little Pigs. 

If you build your “house” using Municipal citizens of the United States, you wind up with a Municipal Assembly, and a straw house

If you build using Territorial U.S. Citizens, you wind up with a District Assembly —- and a stick house

But if you build using State Nationals and State Citizens, you wind up with a State Assembly —- and a brick house

We are the brick house.  We are where the buck stops.  

And we are the ones who need to organize and tell our EMPLOYEES where to get off our backs and back to work. 

We are the ones who are supposed to enforce the Constitutions and the Public Law, so let’s do our Public Duty. 

When we act correctly and take these actions, we stand on the firmest of foundations— and we can take back America, because it is already ours. 

Go to: and get started building your “house” today. 

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