Demons now materializing in start of epic war against humanity

As we are seeing in widely shared media reports and surveillance photos, humanoid-shaped demons are now increasingly materializing as a run-up to Satan’s war against humanity. Corporations like Nike are openly promoting “Satan shoes” that are covered in Satanic imagery and claim to contain one drop of actual human blood.

Hollywood and the music industry are doubling down on their open worship of Lucifer, and the DEMONcrats are making sure that open borders child trafficking remains in full operation so that a steady supply of children can be made available to them for child sacrifice and satanic rituals involving live blood and adrenochrome.

Pure evil has beset our land, and the final cosmic war for humanity and Earth is upon us.

Today’s podcast covers it all in great detail. 

Listen and learn how to overcome this great evil and emerge with your life (and your soul) intact.

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