No vaccine no license?

To all the sick people by Robert-dean: House

How stupid can stupid get?  People are going around getting a license for everything when in fact they do not need a license for anything.  How about paying me a small fee to tell you what to do?   Remember the system is the beast legal system and if you want to stay and play in that system you have to pay for the privilege.  You give up your rights under God’s system of common law of self governance.   I truly believe that people are so dumbed down that they do not know what is meant by SELF GOVERNANCE.


1.  The RIGHT to travel without some ones permission granted by a license.                                        

2.  The RIGHT to own property unencumbered by Title vs Deed as a tenement.                                        

3.  The RIGHT of suffrage, (vote), with out registering in a corporation which is then given power of attorney.                                 

4.  The RIGHT to fish without a license from a corporation                                       

5.  The RIGHT to use a public business without discrimination of showing your face.                                         

6.  The RIGHT to have rights vs. privileges granted by a corporation.                                       

7.  The RIGHT  to buy a car as private property and to travel in it without registering it with the State Corporation.                                       

8.  The RIGHT to take a vaccine or to not take it.                                       

9.  The RIGHT to control your life as you see fit and not by those who think you are not fit.                                       

10.  The RIGHT to open a business to the public without a license or permit from the corporate government. “If you build it, they will come, if they do not like it they will not come back”.                                        

11.  The RIGHT  to open a restaurant without a corporate inspection or other interference.                                      

12.  The PRIVILEGE to incorporate your business and give up all your RIGHTS above.

This is only 12, I can go on, but, what stupid is, is what stupid does.

Now get off of the Stupid brain washing and claim who and what you are by doing an affidavit of Live Life Birth and take your name out of the Corporation of the legal beast system and claim it under God’s Lawful System of Self Governance.  And stop listening to the fake news about not being able to do anything unless you have a vaccine passport.  This can only happen with your consent. Evil first deceives you and gets your consent.  That is what all the licensing and registrations are about.  

How long do you think a restaurant business will survive if it turned down 50 people not wearing a mask for three who will.  I grant you, a mask is a good idea if you believe you are sick and do not want to affect others and you are unable to stay home,  ( When I had a flu or cold I didn’t want to go anywhere. )  Now, when I go into town I see a lot of sick people.  Sick in the head more than anything. Brain washing hurts so bad that you just want to hide your face.


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