The Spider Web Effect

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

If this doesn’t make you dizzy and angry, I don’t know what will. Follow along the rabbit trail:

Black Rock, Inc. is a major shareholder in Microsoft.

Black Rock manages the G. Soros Open Foundation and Glaxosmithklein.

Glaxosmithklein owns both the Wuhan Biological Research Laboratory facility where the patented virus was developed and Pfizer, Inc., a vaccine manufacturer at the forefront of developing the mRNA gene therapy being passed off as a vaccine to treat the patented virus. Bill Gates is a major shareholder in Pfizer.

Full circle insider trading. And not only that, full circle insider investment collusion, too—- and all against the Public Good.

Dr. Anthony Fauci developed the HIV-based portion of the patented virus that makes it super-infectious and gave the Wuhan Biological Research Laboratory over three million dollars in National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants.

Fauci is a contemporary and pal of Bill Gates, Senior. We have photos of Fauci, Bill Sr., and Soros thick as thieves.

So all these Rich Clods, Larry Fink, George Soros, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci, got together and concocted a classic Hegelian Dialectic Scheme — they created the patented virus that caused the scare [The Problem], then also created the purported cure for their patented virus— the mRNA gene therapy that they have knowingly misrepresented as a vaccine [The Solution].

Talk about drumming up business and unjust enrichment!

The purported virus vaccine doesn’t produce antibodies to bulwark anyone’s natural immune defenses against the patented virus, and thus far, those who have been 100% vaccinated are showing no different immunity profile than the rest of the population. Go figure.

It was never about health. It was about profiting from artificially created disease. And it was about exercising coercive racketeering power on an unsuspecting populace under color of law.

They profited themselves and their shareholders every step of the way at our expense. They sent us the bill — misery, lock-downs, mask mandates, closed businesses, fear, separation, closed schools, disrupted families, trillions of dollars lost and spent on “pandemic relief” and for fake vaccine/gene therapy for something that shouldn’t exist and wouldn’t exist, if not for them scheming away in the background.

Now, all those of you who have been reading this and who now have a bird’s eye view of how these pals and the corporations associated with them have colluded to enrich themselves at public expense— what should be done with them and their corporations? And the politicians who allowed this to go on?

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