They Already Told You!

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Red alert!  Foghorns!  Foghorns! 

If you don’t want to take the “vaccine” — that is, gene therapy masquerading as a vaccine — and your employer or anyone else is pushing you, just tell them that you are allergic to the serum.  Period.  

That’s the “out” they provided to save themselves, and it’s your way out of taking any forced vaccinations, too.  Use it. 

Every time these Pikers do something illegal and start throwing their weight around under color of law, they have to provide remedy for their illegal demand in order to “legalize” it.

So at the very moment that they do something like issue an illegal mask mandate, they have to at the same time provide the remedy and cure and make it freely available to anyone who wishes to exercise it.  

They cannot do any of the outrageous crappola they pull without at the same time providing the cure for it.  The cure is what provides them with the excuse to say it’s all “voluntary”.  You did this to yourself of your own freewill.  

In the case of these phony vaccinations, all you have to say is — “Sorry.  I’m allergic.”  And that’s all you have to say.  No questions asked.  No pressure. No nothing. 

Pretend you are Woody Allen.  Be neurotic as you please. Stare the Pushers in the eye and whine plaintively, “But, I’m allergic to vaccine serums!” 

That’s the remedy they’ve already established.  That’s what they’ve told their own stoolies to say.  
And it is the God’s Honest Truth, because all these “vaccines” have gunk in them that cause allergic reactions and worse, so no need to feel that you are lying.  

Yesterday, someone told me about one of their young relatives being forced by their employer to take this horrid deceitful “vaccination” under protest.  This young lady was in tears and afraid of what it might do to her, and with good reason.  

She didn’t have to go through that.  She didn’t have to argue with her employer. She didn’t have to quit her job.  Her relatives didn’t have to report this to me like I was the Headmaster responsible for taking a ruler to her employers. 

All she or anyone else has to know and do is how to say three words in plain English:  “I am allergic.” 

And if they ask what you are allergic to, you need to know and say four more words in equally plain English: “To the vaccine serum.” 

Got that?  Spread that?  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your co-workers, tell, tell, tell, and tell again. 

This is your remedy and if you don’t learn it and use it and take advantage of it, then your tormentors will say, “Gee, that’s tough — but it’s your own fault.  You didn’t have to take the vaccine.”  

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