Why All the Delays?

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Someone set me up this morning to go on another rant. They wanted me to tell them why the White Hats aren’t acting. Some “intel channel” or other had led them to believe that everything was going to break loose after Easter with massive disclosures and action to expose the Deep State. Haven’t you all noticed something about the Hope Porn yet? It’s always just around the bend. I am firmly convinced that the only real value or purpose for all the Hope Porn is to keep people waiting for “someday” instead of taking action today. Stop waiting for George to do it. George has been dead over 200 years. Stop waiting for White Hats to do it. Put on your own white hat and start slogging. Why all the delays? I dunno. What did you do today to make anything good happen?

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