A Spiritual War

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

So now we know what we are up against: a war of the spirit, with The Spirit of Truth arrayed against The Spirit of Untruth, the actual pitted against the fictional.

Time and again, we are told in ancient scriptures, that Our Father is a spirit, just as the Holy Spirit is a spirit.  We can’t normally see a spirit.  They come and go like the wind— unseen, but present.  

Confirmation of this is seen throughout the Bible, both in the sayings attributed to God the Father throughout the Old Testament, and in the sayings and circumstances of the New Testament, also.  

Notice how throughout the Old Testament, God says he will bring some particular army or nation against another to reprove and correct the evil being promoted by the offender? 

He pits one nation against another nation to rebuke the offender, not to reward the “sword” in his hand. 

Those who cause terror in the Land of the Living go down among those consigned to the pit, but the peacemakers are adopted as the Sons of God. 

Read the Book of Ezekiel paying attention to how many times  the Living God rebukes nations and uses other nations to physically enforce his will.  You will find this same scenario throughout the Bible.

Notice how at the end of the crucifixion, our Beloved Teacher cries out— “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” 

Only Yahushuah knew he was present and was able to sense his sudden absence. 

All of this great battle, this War of the Spirit, occurs in the Unseen Realm– where the great battles are being fought for your heart and mind and the fate of our species as a whole. 

The Spirit of Falsehood is here.  The Spirit of Truth is here. 

The idol of Ashtoreth is here, the image of the Great Abomination which brings Desolation is standing where it should not stand, in New York Harbor. 

We should return it to France and the Freemasons who sent it. 
The table is set. 

Those who think that it is their business to bring the prophecies to fulfillment are hard at work, trying to get hideous wars started in the Ukraine, in Iran, and in China.

Those who are clueless are stumbling around like sleepwalkers. 

And where are you, at this great turning point, where men are called to know the Truth? 

Now, more than ever, we need Prayer Warriors and Soldiers of Peace, those who will turn from lies and selfishness and war, and find the narrow path that leads to life—-abundant life. 

I was asked yesterday what more could be done and what I would have people do and before I could speak, my companion blurted out, “Pray!”  

I would add — pray that we can be forgiven for our ignorance. We were misled about what the “Statue of Liberty” was and what it actually represented.  We didn’t know that a foreign and profane theocracy was at the heart of the trouble we have been suffering. 

Pray that those who yearn for peace and righteousness will be fulfilled, their cups running over. 

Pray that we may be delivered from the swarms of evil men who cluster in every dark corner, plotting theft and murder against the innocent. 

Pray that we may simply awaken and find them gone, like morning mist swept away.

Pray that the great battles may remain in the spirit realm and pass away from us like distant clouds on the horizon. 

Pray that our confession and repentance can be enough, that our acts in defense of the innocent can be enough, that our common sense can be enough. 

Pray that we learn how to love our unseen Creator and how to love each other. 

Pray that the ugly image of Baphomet and all the sacraments of his death cult can forever pass away. 

Pray that we wake up and are given back our discernment and our power to heal. 

Pray that the power of the Living God can be in the hands and minds of good men and women, full of the Holy Spirit, those who are unconquerable. 

Pray that those who have contrived the death of the nations may be intercepted and left cut off from every avenue of power. 

Pray that the terror cast forth into the Land of the Living can be set aside and never come to us. 

Pray that it can be as it was said, that not one hair on our heads will be harmed. 

Pray, now, for a great shortening of the time, so that the will of our Father is made manifest — that not one should be lost, even among those who have fallen away. 

Pray for the Earth and for the plants and for the animals, too. 

And when you pray, don’t say “Amen”.  Seal your prayers with the love in your heart.  Let that be your soul’s signature, and your prayers’ silent address. 

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