Paper Mills and Clarification

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The latest tempest in a teapot has been caused by individual people in three States recording improper versions of four of our documents on the Land Recording System.  These are individual unknown people. 

Our best guess is that these tweaked versions of our documents came from a “paper mill” — one of those several organizations that are selling people “freedom packages” and helping themselves to our forms (which are available for free at and via the State Assemblies (at —and then messing with them to create their own versions.  

These plagiarized and altered documents are dangerous because they do the exact opposite of what our documents are designed to do.  

So, we have put out the message to be aware of these things and to compare any paperwork you have recently received or submitted to be sure it conforms to the verbiage of the Article 928 templates found at  

I wish to stress that these altered forms have been submitted by individual people using the LRS — not via the State Recording Secretaries. 

The chief problem with these altered forms is that they misunderstand the context of the Expatriation and Act of State and Certificate of Assumed Name, all of which work together to expatriate the foreign corporations operating under our NAMES/Names and serve to bring them back under our Public Law.  They also fail to recognize the context of the Reconveyance we use to put the American Lawful Person back on the land. 

Many Newbies have mistakenly thought that these forms applied to them as living people —that they were expatriating themselves, for example—  and didn’t grasp the fact that these forms are not about living people at all. These forms are about foreign “persons” being expatriated from foreign jurisdictions and brought back under State control. 

My best advice to all concerned is that if you want to be recognizable as an American and have control of your assets, use the templates available from our websites. 

And meantime, Recording Secretaries — be alert.  These hijacked forms are out there.  

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