Shades of 1913

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

For those who are unaware of such things, we are in the middle of a brutal energy storm. Just imagine that you are a little kid, and the wind is tearing and gusting all around the house, and rain is thundering on the roof and against the windows….and you are tucked in bed, safe and warm.

The first time in modern history that this particular set of storm conditions existed was in 1913. It was caused by the failure of the bankruptcy process that was contrived to release our gold and silver resources back into the world markets—without our knowledge or consent.

The Federal Reserve bankers came up with the idea to enslave everyone and capitalize on the labor resources of this country (and several others) and then use the Blood Money to slake the investors; but, the Kaiser was a moral man, and he stuck to his guns. Such debts were always paid in gold, on time, and on demand. WWI commenced anyway.

That hideous conflagration just caused more debts and more destruction, and the enslavement program continued — now needed more than ever to backstop the lack of available precious metal commodities being rigged by the London commodity boards.

Note—they’ve done the same thing again in the commercial paper markets, by choke-pointing and licensing the companies that can issue “Medium Term Notes” for corporations.

The guilty parties tried successfully to blame the victims, their Priority Creditors from Germany, and foisted off an unbelievably unjust peace settlement that would have reduced Germany and the German people to abject poverty for over a hundred years.

All to pay war reparations for a war that wouldn’t exist, if the debtors had made a good faith effort to pay in the first place.

That, of course, didn’t play well and didn’t pay the bills, either.

So, enter the 1930-33 world bankruptcy and Ponzi scheme, with Herr Hitler pushing the envelope and World War II close on his heels. More death and destruction —- and debt. Don’t forget the debt.

Every time there is a melt down, there is more debt, and more dead creditors.

You would think that people would observe the nature of what they are doing to themselves and to each other and just stop, but no.

Here we are again.

At a first dash we find out that, hey, this is not only a debt from the past 150 years in the western world; oh, no, this is a debt that goes back 800 years to the last time there was an actual Golden Jubilee.

All the Blood Money has been carried forward as unpaid pre-paid credit since then.

Think of it — 800 years of this.

The thinking ones among us had already (and swiftly) concluded that it was impossible to rack up either a pentillion (or as it is also called, a quintillion) dollar credit or debt, even over the course of a 150 years. There simply isn’t that much debt or credit generated worldwide year by year, even if you throw in the interest.

But go back 800 years and add in the value of the purloined gold, silver, jewels, art treasures, land sales, titles, fees, rents, lease-purchase agreements, stocks, bonds, debentures, taxes, tariffs, payments in lieu of taxes, patents, copyrights, trademarks, commodities on hand, national currencies, insurance and pension plans — and then it isn’t hard to come up with a quintillion dollars in credit. Or debt.

So long as someone is stubbornly refusing to pay their side of it, that is.

As long as one Party doesn’t pay and the other Party doesn’t object, it’s perfectly legal to just go on and on and on like this, with a humongous debt piling up on one side of the ledger, and an equally obscene credit looming on the other.

Then the Kaiser objects…..And Uncle Adolph objects….And the King of England objects…. And we object….And thus far, it comes down to the same thing. Death for living people and profit for corporations. No payment on the debt is made, but more debt is accrued, and there are no punishments for the Perpetrators.

The Zionists stopped following the commandments of the True God eight hundred years ago when they stopped honoring the Jubilees, and have been thumbing their noses ever since.

Until finally we come to the absurdity of the situation. The corporations — the actual corporations — have accrued more debt than can ever be paid back.

The Trustees of the actual “Legacy Trusts” — more than 5,000 such trusts, holding all the world’s gold and silver and other precious things, have been confused by the dishonesty of the bankers ignoring their deposit receipts and guarantees.

But the banks can’t return their deposits, because they have used those assets to spool up the debt being held against the living people. They, and especially the World Bank, have had themselves a “Parr–tee!” and sponsored all sorts of Private Trading Platforms that are supposed to generate funding for philanthropic projects…..That, lo, and behold — don’t exist.

So far as I can ascertain, not a penny has come off those platforms since this current round of idiocy and corruption began in 1946, with the various banks of the world all divided into eight banking associations with one holding company— the Octagon Group.

Well, hello, James Bond.

The banks that won the war (though everyone actually lost) got the choice bits, the gold in the Swiss banks, the off-ledger accounts, the lease liability investments….. while at the other end of the spectrum, we have dear old Deutsche Bank (or Douche Bank as some snarky rats called it after the war) holding nearly the entire burden of all the phantasmagorical Derivatives.

Derivatives are the franchises and subsidiaries and spin-offs of already imaginary corporations that exist only as shelf corporations housing laundered money, pension plan payouts owed two centuries from now, and similar assets.

Accounting and romance novel writing are surprisingly similar occupations. One can imagine Georgette Heyer in the attic of some gloomy Scottish castle looking at a sheet of Lincoln’s 10/40 Bonds….Will the present-day High Priest of Baal succumb at last?

What is going to happen next in a world gone completely stark-raving, but quietly, mad?

I wish I could make this stuff up, folks, but I couldn’t in my wildest dreams.

Here’s Joe Dumb Bunny, estimating his net worth at $300,000.00 and thinking that, all things being equal and given where he started out in life, he did pretty good. Now he obediently signs his financial statement and rolls up his sleeve….

Unknown to him he’s worth $52 billion. His heirs get $300,000.00. The corporations responsible for his death get the rest as unclaimed, abandoned property. I am deadly serious.

Get off your couches, people. It’s your lives and your fortunes at risk. Make up your minds that you are going to enforce your will against these criminal corporations. No matter what it takes.

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