Why Do They Hate Mary Magdalene?

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Put simply — Mary Magdalene was the High Priestess of Baal. She was converted from evil to good. 

Her conversion broke the power of the Satanic religion that we are now confronting once again. 

Her act anointing Joshua before his crucifixion conferred the Office of the High Priest of Baal on him, and made him Accursed. 

And that is the guise and role in which he suffered, literally as the guilty one responsible for all the evil in the world, the one responsible for the gross sins of Baphomet. 

Yet, he was innocent. 

A miracle was required, something so contrary, so anti-intuitive, so above-and-beyond our reckoning, that our Lord took on the Highest Office of the Satanists, and let all their guilt be heaped on him. 

And she’s the one who anointed him into that office. 

No wonder she was weeping. 

To those present who knew what was happening, there were plenty of reasons to hate Mary Magdalene.  

If she and her followers hadn’t committed such horrible atrocities, there would be no need for such terrible atonement. 

And who was she, that he should suffer for her?  He owed her and her followers less than nothing at all. 

Thousands of years later, this dimension of the Passion of Christ has been papered over.  The hatred of Mary Magdalene endures, but the reasons for it are not well-known outside the High Church. 

So now, in the midst of the final denouement, you understand how poignant and painful it is, his love for Mary Magdalene. 

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