The battle goes on

The battle goes on  by Robert-dean: House
For the people who do not know who or what it is I have been doing in their behalf, let it be known that in 2019, I have renegotiated a contract with the SECRETARY OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA and the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAY AND MOTOR VEHICLES , via affidavit, claiming the fraud they use by taking the Automobiles manufacture Statement of Origin, (MSO), upon a Dealers sale to the people, and with out the peoples knowledge, convert it into one of their copyright / patented, Vehicle Registrations.  After giving much detail on how this was done and identifying the fraud, I created and copyright/ patented my own tags, (under self governance), so that the Conveyance of my choice can be lawfully used on the highways and be identified by L.E.O.’s as such.  I had also put a claim to the tag that I had lawfully contracted from the State, and fully paid for under that agreement.  Offer, Acceptance and consideration was met but not meeting of the minds until I made claim of the tag as my property under contract.  However, the contract was not signed by two living, sentient beings due to the one claiming to be government which is required to answer an affidavit of contract or it can be seen as accepted under tacit consent.  Note: If it was disagreed, it would have been stated so.  I let the decals expire.  Keep in mind, the tag, vehicle registration and the sticker decal are all copyright instruments owned by the STATE CORPORATION, in other words, STATE OF FLORIDA.
It was April 6, 2021 when I traveled into town in my privately owned conveyance, a 2002 Chevy pickup.  At about 8:30 a.m., I approached the four way stop of Hwy, 31 and 74, AKA Bermont Road, going west as I just conclude a phone call.  I noticed a Deputy Sheriff parked to my left in the drive to a pasture facing my approach, North. A long box dump truck was stopped at the four way red light facing me.  As I slowed the light turned green in my favor so I kept going passing the truck as it got started forward.  
The Deputy could not have possibly seen my tag at that point and had to wait until the truck passed to get behind me and then did so after running the red light without emergency lights on.  Within a minute or so he was behind me with his lights now on to signal my stop.  I knew for a fact that it takes at least three minutes to run a tag for which he could not have accomplished in such short of time.  By the time I stopped, I had called a friend to listen in on the incident and put the phone in my shirt pocket.  I pulled into a pasture drive to the north, (right), and rolled down the passenger window. 
As he pulled in behind me and exited his vehicle, I signaled him to the passenger side.  He leaned over as I kept my hands on the wheel and asked to see a drivers license and proof of registration.  I replied that I was not using one and that I was not going to answer any questions as I handed him a copy of my Live Life Claim and stated that that was all the information he needed.  He then asked if I had any weapons in the vehicle.  I said, “No, I am not answering any questions”.  
In time, I was asked to exit the truck and I went and sat on the tailgate as two other officer arrived in their vehicle to watch over me as the first officer informed me he was going to write some tickets and the truck was going to be impounded.  I replied that that would be theft because the state has no claim to it and that I would cancel out the tickets.  He thought I meant in court and said that that was my choice.  I asked if I could take my property out of the truck and he complied. 
As the truck was being loaded on the tow company flat bed, he handed me four tickets, all were fax type copies on 9 x 11 paper, pre typed with an unidentified line as a signature.  He handed them to me and I asked if I had to sign them.  I could not make out his answer for he was the only one wearing a black mask.  One ticket was for expired registration, (sticker decal), another for no insurance and the other two were not identified as to what they were for.  Keep in mind, expired tag, no insurance, no possession of a drivers license, not using a seat belt and obstruction without violence,  all under color of law via the legal system.  The probable cause for the stop was supposedly for the expired tag but as I said before, he did not do a computer check on the tag any time during the stop due to the time needed vs. the stop time.
Later that same day, I had a neighbor transport me to the impound to the impound yard where I paid the $230.00 bail and showed proof of insurance I had just purchased for $62.00 for 30 days.  The impound people called the Sheriff’s office who confirmed that all I had to show was proof of insurance.  One of the guys then drove the truck out of the confined area and gave me the keys.  During my inspection of the truck I noticed the tag was still on it.  If it was, in fact STATE property then why did they not confiscate it?  I also noticed the truck was not searched for I set it up inside to see if anything was disturbed.  They also let me drive it away.
Within the week I had created in a form of affidavit a statement of no contract for the four tickets.  In the body of the statement it read, “Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent. Comes now Robert-dean: House with clean hands, in good faith and in the best way forward.  Under the Common Law, I do not Recognize, Consent or assent to these contracts under Summons number 2104-003024 issued by Deputy Sheriff Juan C. Torres in the employ of Sheriff William Prummell of Charlotte County Florida on April 6,2021 or to FLORIDA UNIFORM TRAFFIC CITATIONCHECK DIGITS, AEDQN3E, AEDQN5E, AEDQNE6E, AEDQN7E.  Note: (What happened to 4E?)  All four citations are extortion of $113.00 each.  I do no Recognize, Consent or Assent to a court enforcing these contracts.  I do not Recognize, Consent or Assent to the jurisdiction of the court.  Under penalty of perjury, I swear that this statement is true and correct to the best of my ability.
The clerks office will no longer place anything I submit to them for public record nor will they give a certified copy so now I have to certify the documents by placing a one dollar stamp in the upper right corner of the document, put my red ink autograph across it on an angle and then a red right thumb print over the last letter of the autograph.  Of course this is also notarized and witnessed by two witnesses then taken to the post office and get them to rubber stamp, (date stamp), the one dollar stamp and secure the document in the envelope and hand it to the clerk along with the pre written registration and receipt return forms.  Then have him/her mail it.  Mail it to all involved.  In my case it was sent to the Clerk of court’s work and his home, to the Sheriff and to the Sec. of St. Fl. and to the Att. Gen. Fl. 
I also sent the Sec. of State a bill for my damages in reference to this based on a prier contract I have with the Sec. of St. claiming my conveyance as my personal property in 2019. 
To be Continued:  For your information  Also, listen to this video.

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