Facts of the Matter

Facts of the Matter  by Robert-dean: House

Once more:  If in Fact there are about 350 million people in the united States and roughly 80 M registered to vote in the United States Corporation under Trump, which is bankrupt, and roughly 70 M more registered in the Corporation under Biden, making it a total of roughly 190 M people out of the 350 M leaving only 160 M who have not been fooled by the Corporate transfer of their rights for the Corporate Privilege of giving your vote away under power of Attorney.  Thus, the 160 M still retain their right of suffrage.  

I think, no, I know, Trump had no intent to become a CEO President of a bankrupt Corporation again, why would he? See Title 28 sub section 3002 paragraph 15.  He knows that 190 M people do not see what is going on and needs to get them to comprehend the truth.  175 M is about half of the lawful population and at the least, 60% of the population is needed to see the light in order to turn the New World Order of their Agenda 21, around. 

Stop wasting time and money going after a fraudulent election of a Corporation now bankrupt.  This article, I believe, will turn more people to the truth if they do their own research.  What more proof is needed than Title 28 above?  We the People need to have another vote on paper ballots that are counted by hand and no computers used.  All those in office, all offices of usurped government today will not be legible to reapply. 

This is not just in the united States but world wide.  And Covid-19 is to get those people under better control and to get their attention away from the truth above.


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