Why We Can’t All Just “Come Together” and Mushy-Mushy

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

This week has been rather tumultuous. First, we were invited to join the “Arise America” Tour. I always thought that was an odd choice of names. It makes it sound like some kind of religious event, a “resurrection” or something like that, but, okay…. if it has good intentions, why not support it?

And the intentions as expressed to me were right and honorable enough.

So, sure, we were ready to join the program and help.

But there were always two nagging problems in the back of my mind.

(1) Where is the money coming from? (2) Why are we, the actual Government, being marginalized in the program and used as a back-up band for our Employees?

Because make no mistake, Sheriffs, whether Constitutional Sheriffs or LEOs, are still Employees, even if they are entrusted with the great powers of local government.

And why should we promote the importance of our Employees, while we, the government from which they derive all their powers, are stuck singing second string back-up?

Isn’t it more important for people to seize their own power and enable themselves to act, instead of — once again — giving their power away to their Employees? Even if their employees mean well?

Then, for unknown reasons Sheriff Mack says he won’t be part of the program if we are included. Or at least, that’s what we are told.

Unofficially, I’ve been told that this is because Sheriff Mack erroneously believes that I gave the Colorado Nine “bad advice” and that they were following my instructions when they got arrested.

If so, that simply isn’t true. And it’s easy to observe and prove that it isn’t so.

I severed any relationship with Bruce Doucette and his actual Mentor, Michael R. Hamilton, weeks before they took their ill-fated action —– and it was precisely because they weren’t following my advice. That is recorded in an article published at the time, Number 485, on my website.

Anyway, we, the actual Government, were told that well, gotta have Sheriff Mack, he’s the celebrity draw….. but Sheriff Mack said he didn’t decide anything about our participation or not. That came from higher up the food chain at a corporate level.

So, let’s see, the people who invited us, Robert David Steele and Sasha Stone are apologizing for the situation….

Sheriff Mack says he didn’t “uninvite” us, but someone clearly did. So who? Crickets….

Ah…. that goes back to Question One: who is paying for all this?

A Grand Tour like this costs millions of dollars. It has probably cost over a million dollars just to organize, and obviously, RDS and Sacha Stone, even taken together, don’t have millions of dollars to spend on a lark.

Some years ago, I wanted to do the same thing— a tour of the country, whistle-stopping on the way, to say “Hello, America!” And getting wind of this, the Bush Clan promptly got in touch with me and offered to pay for the whole thing, so long as they got to shape the narrative and edit whatever I might say, and turn me into a Talking Head — for them.

This is a process known as “co-option” whereby the elites come in and buy a position doing something good, but using their money to control the movement that is being created.

It wouldn’t have been my show and ultimately, it wouldn’t have been my message being delivered. I would have been the storefront— for them. It would have been their message, and I would simply be used — like a nose wipe — to deliver it.

Having created my own “monster” so to speak, I would then be complicit and beholding to them, associated with them, and I would have to take responsibility for getting into bed with them.

So I said, no, no, thanks…. and the tour didn’t happen for lack of money.

I had no regrets and we continued to build the Assemblies and do what had to be done, anyway, without all the bells and whistles.

Bootstrapping. Grassroots. Slog, slog, slog.

When all this flap arose and the blame for it got passed on to “unknown” decision-makers at the top, I went back and checked in with my advisors who keep contact with the Bush apparatus, and yes, they confirmed that the Bushes were involved again, and that one of their favorite go-to organizations was primarily responsible for funneling the money into the “Arise America” Tour.

Now, I know all these people. I know how they operate. These are the same ones who have been going around the country for decades selling people “Freedom Packages” for $6000 a pop — that don’t work.

These are the people that will sit around at a cocktail party and talk out of both sides of their mouths until you get dizzy.

On one hand, they are so patriotic they might as well wrap up in a flag, but on the other side of it, they don’t have a good word to say about anyone or much of anything. Privately, they say, “This country is toast.” Or like Joe Biden, “This country is doomed.”

See the cognitive dissonance in all this for me?

If you privately believe this country is doomed, why are you commandeering efforts to save it?Oh. Silly me.

You can look at this one of two ways. Either RDS and Sacha are too inexperienced— and just took the bait. Or they are part of the Bush Apparatus with knowledge aforethought.

Either way, it would be a mistake for our Assemblies to get involved in something that isn’t really grassroots and is instead being controlled by “unknown” power players sitting up top and “orchestrating” things.

Our Assemblies are the only organizations with the standing to operate the Government of, for, and by the People of this country, and that is far too important a duty and calling for us to get sidelined.

So, my advice is to take the “Arise America” Tour for what it is. Another theater production. If it makes you feel good about being an American, that’s great. Just be aware that there is a hidden Svengali in the weeds behind Robert and Sasha, and that once again, you are watching a play.

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