Understanding What Went On — Guide to Nomenclature and Status

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The United States = Soil Jurisdiction States = Union of States 

The United States of America = Land Jurisdiction = States of the Union

The sovereign member States of The United States and The United States of America are all physically defined.  They operate under the simple names: Wisconsin, Florida, California, etc., written in Upper and Lower Case.


But, now, lookee here…….there are other things operating under very similar names:

“the” United States (1787 to 1860) = American Federal Republic = an instrumentality of the Confederation of States, and neither have been operating since 1860.  This Federal Republic was a business run as “the” States of America. 

The States of America was an “instrumentality” of  “the” Confederation, which was formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781—five years after the Union and the Federation.  The members of this States of America organization were all “states of states” operating under names like: The State of Vermont, The State of New York…..  

These are the “Confederate States” —both North and South— that fought the Civil War.  These are all business entities that do not have physical attributes.  They are not sovereign as a result. 

“the” United States (after 1790 and until today) Incorporated = Municipal United States Government = Federal Civil Service = STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF ALABAMA, etc.  These are all businesses without physical attributes,  and so, they are not sovereign either.  This is the government operated by the Pope. It was originally a Subcontractor of the States of America organization described above.  It’s also known as US, INC.and US CORP.  It has been operated as a Municipal District Corporation since 1877. 

“the” United States of America (1789 to present) = Territorial Government = U.S. Military.  This is the version of “United States” that gave the Native Tribes so much misery, and it has always been run by the British Monarchs.  After 1865, it usurped upon the American States-of-States and substituted its own business entities for them.  Suddenly, The State of New York (American) was replaced by “the” State of New York (British), and so on, all over the country.  These are all businesses, too. No sovereign states. This part of the government has been operating as a Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia since 1866. 

My point to you is that none of these entities that appear below the line above are sovereign entities. They are all just business entities and “instrumentalities” and subcontractors of the actual American Government, which is vested in the physically-defined member States of the Union and the living people and Lawful Persons that populate those States. 

None of these business entities are sovereign.  It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the Pope’s STATES or the Queen’s States of States, or the American Confederation States of States operating as The States of States.  Okay?  It’s all just paper “states” — not the actual States. 

Please Note: 

Even the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America is not sovereign — it’s member States are sovereign. The Federation  is a Holding Company that exercises the “Powers” of the States in the foreign international and global jurisdictions.

Hope that explains things.  If not, ask more questions. 

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