The Revolving Door — Urgent Warning

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Once again, I am getting wind of a Trust Scheme.

And once again, more gullible members of our Assemblies are being misled right back into the same old traps that they have struggled to get out of.

This is what we call The Revolving Door Syndrome.

We work with people to get them out of the quagmire of adhesion contracts and trusts and “public interest” claims that have sucked the life and breath out of them, and deprived them of their freedom, and what do they do?

Given a song and a dance, they turn right back around, go back through the door they just came out of, and land right back in the same old cow pie.

Why, you might ask, should we bother ourselves about people clueless enough to get involved in another Trust Scheme, when they have just been delivered from a Trust Scheme?

Maybe we should just give up on them— wave good-bye and watch them sail over the horizon—- because they are back at sea, again, despite all our efforts to drag them to safety onshore.

So let’s briefly review what trusts are. Trusts are agreements about the disposal of property rights and assets.

A Will created as a “Last Will and Testament” is a common example of a trust.

The donor, a dead man, leaves his worldly estate in the hands of an Executor of his choosing. The Executor acts as Trustee, and the dead Donor literally trusts that Executor to do his bidding and deliver his bequests of property to his heirs and beneficiaries.

All trusts work the same way, there is a donor, a trustee, and at least one beneficiary.

Living men and women don’t need trusts — only dead people do, because they don’t have the ability to act for themselves anymore.

So, ask yourselves——are you “dead”?

Or have you taken my message to heart and realized that you have been “killed on paper” via the process of registration— and instead of foolishly agreeing to this, you need to come home and claim your reversionary interest in your own estate?

And take responsibility for your own affairs like any normal man?

That is what this whole exercise is about — coming home like Robinson Crusoe, denying the false claim that you are “dead” to your identity as an American— contrary to what your erstwhile employees have said and written about you— and reclaiming your estate, including your Constitutional Guarantees, which are owed to you by these Monsters.

That’s why we are here. That’s what we are doing in our Assemblies. We are reclaiming our estates, not acting as “donors” to give them away again to some new Masters working some new Trust Scheme.

We are not going back through the revolving door, and handing our property interests off to the Church (again) or to David Straight or to anyone else involved in any kind of Trust Scheme.

Remember that the Church created trusts as a means for the Church to gain a property interest in the estates of Christian soldiers who went to the Holy Land as Crusaders —- many of whom never returned.

After a period of years, the Church moved to claim their property as “abandoned property” and took it all. That’s the kind of “trust” you can have in them — to serve themselves and call it serving God, instead.

Many widows of Crusaders and rightful heirs were displaced by exactly this process and here we are again, after a thousand years of being duped by Trust Schemes.

Never willingly give away your power to anyone. Or anything. Ever.

Keep your property assets for yourselves and administer them as you see fit and do not ever shirk that responsibility for fear of liability.

The only people you can “trust” are those that you know are trustworthy — those precious few who are immune to greed or need, who love you and have your best interests at heart, and who will honor your wishes in your absence to benefit others.

Such a status should NEVER be accorded to a government or a church or any institution whatsoever for obvious reasons.

Anyone who has recently signed up for a trust under the influence of David Straight or Phil Hudok or any of the rest of the Pied Pipers, needs to rescind those signatures ASAP and make their complaints to the State Secretaries of State. You have been defrauded and have not been given full disclosure.

The corporations are giving their loyal employees and supporters a few pennies on thousands of dollars owed, and those who are foolish are going there for the corn in the troughs—- witlessly signing away their identity as an American, agreeing to be considered a U.S. Citizen, and donating their estates in the process.

If anyone comes to you with a Trust Scheme — show them the door. Kick it closed behind them.

The only kind of trust you will ever need will be a Last Will and Testament recorded on the land and soil. Period.

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