Listening to The Left

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

The repetitive chant-like sameness of the Leftist diatribe usually puts me to sleep.  But, this morning, I heard something odd coming from the Left: a Leftist Gun Club.  The leader of this organization was being interviewed and saying—that, well, she wanted to be able to defend herself against thugs. 

Imagine that? 

This was an early morning radio interview so my imagination was free to envision a human Chihuahua on a polished waxed floor packing a .357…. which was unsettling enough to jolt me fully awake. 

And then she said something that answered a question that I have had for many years.  
She said that she and her cohorts on the Left see the government as a force to be used to promote the Greater Good. 

They see themselves as being anointed to determine what the Greater Good is, and then, they see the government as their means to power to implement it.

This took me back several decades to my time spent in California and the bizarre Bayside dinner parties I attended as one of the Greater Unwasheds scarfing up free champagne.  And it all made perfect sense.

These people have no idea what the government is, so they are using it for purposes never intended.  Like two year-olds with a hammer or a dog with a dildo ….they just came up with their own theory and ran with it. 

It’s a pillow smasher, no, no, …. it’s…. for denting the car fender!  Wait, what else can I do with this?  

What, I wondered briefly, would a tribesman living in the Amazon rainforest do with a wingnut?  

Or a Californian do with a government? 

Now, we know.  

Apparently, large numbers of New Yorkers and Californians were never taught the actual functions of government, so they came up with something totally different to do with it—-and then spread their new theory of government via morning television, reaching a huge audience as clueless as they were. 

Like birds pulling apart a sweater to make a fluffy nest, or Grandma using a cat box for a laundry tub, or kids turning an old packing crate into a castle, the Leftists have repurposed the Federal Government.   

There are now so many of them brought up under these false assumptions about the nature and purpose of government, that they are enforcing their own delusions. 
“Hey, Joe, isn’t the government supposed to take care of us, cradle to grave, no matter what happens?”  

“Yeah, that’s what I was told.”

They actually believe, as in religious belief,  that the Federal Government is a charity created to impose social justice (as defined by them, of course). 

I used my hand to prop up my jaw. 

That’s why the Leftists sound like they are preaching a religion.  They are. 
That’s why they are so Holier-Than-Thou.  
That’s why they believe that they can buy social justice.
That’s why they think that they can (and should) impose their own values on other people, using the government bureaucracy to do it. 

For them, politics has replaced religion, complete with doctrines and dogmas and sacred cows.
And they think that the government bureaucracy is their means to convert all the Unbelievers. 
Forget about militant Muslims.  Forget about the Jesuits. We’ve got something far more dangerous and unhinged going on. 

We need to start teaching Civics again, because millions of clueless people are falling victim to this theory of government, and once they embrace government as a religion, it’s hard to tap them on the shoulder and ask, “Why are you wearing a mask and a birdcage on your head?” 

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