What You Get Out of It — The Negative Incentives

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

From time to time, I am asked—-  if I do what you suggest, what do I get out of it? 

There are both “negative” incentives — that is, what won’t happen to you as a result of reclaiming your political status as an American, and positive incentives — what will happen as a result.  Let’s take the Negative Incentives first. 

I am very upfront about what my own initial motivation was:  I realized that if I didn’t act, I would be an accomplice to crime. 

Simple as that. 

Whether that crime is — in the particular instance — willing participation in constructive fraud, impersonation, inland piracy, or even treason or conspiracy against the Constitutions — it should matter to you that you can be considered a willing accomplice to these crimes, if you do not object. 

Objection is essential.  Reporting the crime to the responsible authorities is essential.  If you are aware of a crime and don’t report it, you are considered a willing accomplice to it, and you can be arrested and prosecuted as a result. 

So, if you do what I suggest, you cannot  be accused as a willing accomplice to the crimes that have been perpetuated in this country.  That’s a big benefit, considering that many of these crimes are very serious.  

Who do you report these crimes to?  The Governor of your State of State.  The Chief Justices of the “State” Supreme Court, which is a Public Trust Office.  The State of State Secretaries of State.  The President(s).  The Pope.  The Archbishops. The United Nations (because of Jimmy Carter).  The Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The State Troopers.  The State Judicial Councils. Members of Congress. Hit ’em all up. 

I have. 

Everyone from Portland to Poughkeepsie, Dallas to Bismark, Tallahassee to New York City knows where I stand on these issues and “has cause to know”  that I am not a “willing” accomplice.  

I have tens of thousands of registered mail receipts logged and filed, together with the correspondence, to prove that I did not sit on my laurels. Once I knew there was a crime afoot, I blew the whistle so loud it could be heard in Boston.  I have published books. I have written articles by the thousands.  Nobody can accuse me of willingly going along with fraud and enslavement and graft, breach of trust, unlawful conversion, kidnapping, or conspiracy against the Constitutions. 

Nearly everyone else in this country who hasn’t taken my advice or similar advice from others, is wide open to these sorts of accusations.  Think about it. 

I am not suggesting that everyone can or should endure the kind of effort that I have gone through, but everyone can and should care enough about their own position to let fly some letters to the responsible authorities and record some paperwork to reclaim their American identity.  

You may say, well, what good do you expect that to do?  Writing letters to pirates telling them about their own smuggling?  

It does two (2) very important things.  It establishes that you are NOT a pirate, and it establishes that they ARE, if they continue to sit around and do nothing to stop it. 
You not only protect yourself from being accused as an accomplice, you deny those in political power any “plausible deniability”.  

And while they might ignore one little old lady, heck, a great-grandma from Big Lake, Alaska — are you joking?  (God has a great sense of humor.) They can’t ignore hundreds of letters from thousands of people who have caught on to the scam and who are safely and properly organized as State Assemblies in their own jurisdictions. 

If you do what I suggest, you won’t be identified as a willing accomplice to capital level crimes.  You will have done your Public Duty.  You will have prodded the various officials to do the same.  You will be part of a lawful State Assembly and no longer hiding in your basement, all by yourself, wondering what one man or woman can do against such monstrous evil.  
That’s quite a lot of relief and benefit and avoidance of nasty consequences, even if it is a negative incentive. 

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