Maine Assembly Call Tue

By: Xj Digger  <>

Please join us for a statewide assembly discussion call:

Tuesday, June 1, 8:00 PM EDT
Phone #: (978) 990-5134
Access code: 1059710*

Call Topics:

1. Explanation of the Maine efforts to date
2. Discuss  10 steps to assembly (step 1)
3. Grievance process and recording of them
4. Ascertain interest in a statewide meeting sometime in June (date, online vs. physical) 5. Other? Your list of Grievances, Your support for this assembly comments, etc.

This is the Conference Call with the National Assembly to Get Maine Assemblies Established as  one of the union states.

To understand the process of establishing a lawful state assembly Go to

Please read and get acquainted with the TEN STEPS TO AN ASSEMBLY
Please read and get acquainted with the HANDBOOK

There is plenty of information to understand the Making of America
National Assembly Forums (Good Info)
            National Assembly Rules Book  11 3 2019  limited release.pdf
State Assembly Documents & Support
Michigan Assembly (Good Info)

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Xj Digger

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