Urgent Appeal — The First Bank Founded on Love

From Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

For thousands of years, banks have been founded on lies and idolatry and self-interest, so the entire concept of a bank founded on love is as alien as a mermaid goat.  And yet, yesterday, The Global Family Bank was founded on exactly that premise: the idea that money should serve humanity, instead of humanity serving money.  

If you step back and think about it, as I often have, the common banking paradigm reduces the joy and dignity of mankind to the level of being rats in a maze, learning to push the button to get a treat— and it’s an arbitrary treat, a commodity akin to any other widget. 

It’s hard to hold back the overwhelming sense of incredulity once you think about it and grasp the situation: we are letting ourselves be enslaved to little pieces of paper, plastic cards, little round pieces of metal, or even worse, digits on a ledger. 

The whole situation is, in truth and in fact, ridiculous.

So let’s think about these things more deeply. 

And when we do, we find that, as with so many other things, we’ve been living in a world that is upside down and backward.  

Money isn’t the measure of a man.  Man is the measure of money. 

Faced with these facts and the looming crisis the bankers are deliberately creating both by manipulating commodities including gold and silver, and by failure to offset debt, what is one to do?  Let 70% of the world’s population starve or fall victim to violence?  Let the creatures of Hell feast on us again?   We think not. 

Yesterday, The Global Family Bank came into existence —- a sovereign international trade bank, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Global Family Bank of Commerce. This is the way the banking system is supposed to be organized, with international trade banks, that stand under the Public Law, owning and controlling their own commercial banks, so that all the banks remain accountable to the Public Law. 

This, the system our ancestors mandated, is a far cry from the system we have now, in which the commercial banks run roughshod over everything and everyone, and their black-robed accomplices enforce their hegemony against the Public Interest. 

How and why did this come about?  

There’s a missing piece in the banking system, just as there are a couple of missing pieces in our government structure. International trade banks that deal in actual assets — not “hypothecation of assets” — are missing.  This has allowed the commercial banks to escape like bad dogs slipping the leash.  Like the court systems, the commercial banks have functioned in capacities never dreamed of –nor allowed– by our forefathers, and much to everyone’s detriment. 

The Global Family Bank is the first major international trade bank organized in over a century.  By definition, it functions under the Public Law and deals exclusively in actual assets and Lawful Money.  It’s wholly-owned subsidiary commercial bank, The Global Family Bank of Commerce, will deal with commercial paper as necessary, but because it is owned and managed by The Global Family Bank, it will also in effect stand under the Public Law. 

Picture the globe with all the banks you are familiar with appearing as red dots. Then picture the globe again, with only a few scattered blue dots.  The blue dots are multiplying and connecting, and The Global Family Bank is the hub.  

Safe, honest banking, carriage accounting, no usury, no blind escrows, no open assignments, no funny business at all, cash-value assets only, lawful money only, deals directly with your Lawful Person, no bail-outs, no bail-ins, no secret handshakes, no interference with lawful transactions and transfers, no black robed hustlers enforcing “private” law.   

Very soon, within days, Americans who declare and record their political status as Americans will be able to open accounts through their national bank’s account in The Global Family Bank network. People throughout the world in other countries can do the same— organize their land jurisdiction government, declare their political status, set up their international trade banks and join the fun. 

It will be fun.  It will be profitable.  More importantly, it puts family first — our family of mankind, our global family.  The Global Family Bank will treat you like family, protect you like family, and make sure that you have a cash-value means to trade no matter what happens. 

So when Basel 3 trips the wire and the Gold Fix is no longer fixed, and the price of gold predictably skyrockets (unless we can bring our gold reserves to bear first) and cash dries up (as a result of the unallocated gold being withdrawn from the stock market) you won’t be left standing there with nothing in your pocket. 

A great deal of work has to get done in a short time and massive amounts of assets have to be ledgered, new account structures have to be set up, vendor cards issued, and all sorts of other footwork done in a matter of weeks. National banks operating in international trade have yet to be formed in some countries, bank treaties have to be signed, connections made, accounts created. 

You can imagine the flurry of activity.  

If you are, for example, a German living in Germany, who woke up and declared yourself a living man and claimed all your rights and assets and recorded your claim on our Land Recording System or via other appropriate means—- gather your like-minded friends together, and use our template to form two banks — an international trade bank, and a commercial bank that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of your international trade bank.   

Then sign a bank treaty with The Global Family Bank — connecting your bank to the other “blue dots” as they populate the globe.  

Don’t worry and throw up your hands and think, “I can’t do this!  I don’t know anything about banking!  What about all the regulations!  What about security!  What about…..”  
You can do this.  We have your back.  You have to do it. 

The artificial spikes in gold prices (expect two of them, one this summer and another in January-February) and the sudden drying up of cash and lack of connectivity occasioned by the Basel 3 accords means that even those who have gold and silver won’t be able to trade in such a scenario. 

Why?  Because nobody is equipped to trade in real assets anymore, aside from one-to-one bartering by hand.  

Imagine the situation.  There is no cash anywhere.  You have gold and silver coins saved up for a rainy day, but what you need is five gallons of gas.   What do you do?  Go down to the gas station and barter a gold coin for the gasoline?  

But wait, will there even be any gasoline to buy?  Probably not, because the entire transportation of products to market will be impacted.  It is in fact already being impacted.  
We all have to keep our heads, join together, and make this work.  

At this point, you must admit that the bankers are destroying the world as we have known it, in a final, bitter, death-cult, scorched Earth policy battle pushed by the Bank of England/HSBC, their Chinese equivalents, and the Bank of International Settlements. And they don’t have anything viable to replace what they are destroying. 

Nobody can save us but ourselves. We have two months to do it.  All of us, worldwide. 
Strange as it may seem, considering the trillions of dollars worth of assets that belong to us and which need to be placed on the bank’s ledgers, we are still limping along on cash donations to spool this entire effort up.  

Loathe as I am to condone any form of price fixing, we must all bring as much political pressure to bear on the Bank of International Settlements as possible, to delay the enforcement of Basel 3 on their affiliated banks— which without a viable replacement system in place, is the equivalent of genociding 70% of humanity.  

The safety net is being spread, the resources are marshaling, but time is the critical element now.  We have to have time to spread the net over the whole globe and do it as quickly as possible. Basel 3 must be delayed long enough to deploy the trade banks worldwide, or the bankers will literally be guilty of planned genocide. 

PayPal: avannavon@gmail.com

Mail:  Anna Maria Riezinger          Box 520994          Big Lake, Alaska 99652

The Global Family Bank is not “public” yet and not on the internet yet.  Please understand this and remain calm and upbeat.  Keep checking my articles daily for news and instructions. Those setting up National Trade Banks need to contact me via email with the subject line “National Trade Bank”. Those seeking to cash in court judgements and transfer assets, please use the email subject line “Asset Transfer”.  Please withhold inquiries about getting individual accounts for now.  You will get instructions. Soon. 

People who are already members of the State Assemblies will be eligible for accounts as soon as The American States and Nations /ASAN Bank  preparations are complete.  No further action is necessary at this time. 

People who have not yet declared and recorded their political status are advised to do so as soon as possible. 

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