Reminder | Maine Assembly Call Tue 8:00 pm

By Xj Digger <>

Please join us for a statewide assembly discussion call:

Tonight is a very important conference on organizing our Maine Assembly in order to work with Our President Donald J Trump and the union of states to reorganize this nation back to the constitutional compliance that our founders organized.

    Government in America was organized by the authority of the people, whereby all public servants must swear an oath to the people and God to support and defend the constitutional government. It is the duty and authority of the people to instruct our public servants on their duties according to the constitutional law of the land.

    Today our entire government has gone astray and the people must assemble to discuss the issues that are destroying our state and nation and bring our governments back into constitutional comliance.

Tuesday, June 1, 8:00 PM EDT
Phone #: (978) 990-5134
Access code: 1059710*

People can call in or join on computer at:

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