Notice To All – David’s “Deed of Status Re-Conveyance”

The following link is to my 10-page “Deed of Status Re-Conveyance” — based on Anna’s #908 Forms — signed, witnessed, sealed, notarized and recorded in Book 34891 | Doc. 25519 | Pgs. 146-155 | June 4, 2018 | Cumberland County Maine, my native State; I have since moved from Maine to South Carolina to live with my son at 7 Purdue Court, Mauldin, SC, 29662.

My Recorded Deed of Status Re-Conveyance – August 21, 2018

You may copy, paste and adapt information from each page to suit your customized needs.

Read this as sufficient evidence that I am a fully recorded America National living and dwelling on the Land in Greenville County, South Carolina and regard me as a loyal member of the South Carolina Jural Assembly of that State.

David E. Robinson, Publisher, American Patriot Email Reports,

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