Churches face an impossible decision

Churches, private schools, Christian nonprofits, and other religious groups may soon face an impossible decision: either abandon their time-honored beliefs about sex and gender or break the law and accept the possibility of the crippling “Equality” Act. 

The “Equality” Act seeks to classify sexual orientation and gender as protected classes, which would ultimately block any American — even a church or religious school — from arguing that complying with the Act is contradictory to their religious beliefs. 

For churches, passing this Act would mean that if they host any public events, they’d have to open women’s bathrooms and changing areas to biological men. 

Catholic schools would be forced to abandon teaching their beliefs on human sexuality and marriage, and even get rid of faith-based conduct policies. 

Faith-based adoption agencies that operate under a biblical understanding of family would be forced to violate their beliefs or shut down adoption services. 

Under the “Equality” Act, if any religious group or church refused to listen to the government and chose instead to remain faithful to their religious beliefs, they would face huge fines and even jail time. 

That’s a choice no American should ever have to make.

In a nation where religious freedom is inseparably intertwined with our founding, we cannot allow radical extremists to destroy our right to be Christian in America. 

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