By Jaro Kole

I.e. don’t sign anything before the birth of the baby, or at least CROSS OUT everything in the agreement you don’t like, and get copies of what you signed.

By Prima Guerro-bey

Had my little baby a few days ago in the hospital… no BC or SSN necessary or needed AFTER careful consideration of contractual terms in regards to forms *General Permission to treat (mother) *General Permission to treat (baby). These 11page terms and agreements are merely offers of contractual agreements one may opt to sign off on upon alteration or not sign off on. Most of my documents were completely scratched and lined out to my specific needs. Nothing could be done without my say-so first. I also went to the hospital with birth plans and affidavits of no vaccinations. I also refused to let my baby be seen without clothes. They tried to act as if removing the clothes was necessary to get the proper vitals or the proper weight… but i just told them to send in the best doctor… because the body or privates would not be shown to an inexperienced or experienced medical practitioner.

They couldnt look up under my baby clothes, i didnt let them check her private parts, no vaccinations, no blood pricks, no mother baby seperation, NOTHING against my wishes. In hospital I also made a short decree of competency in medical care just because one nurse tried me, and we went back and forth about her checking my baby private parts and I recorded her name and wrote a client termination of services for her ending and beginning on my so call medical records that my husband turned in, into medical records for me. I never saw her again with my care.

They cannot do anything without your permission and it starts with the beginning, the forms and general permission to treat. I changed *general into the word *specific and gave specific instruction to only assist and counsel mother for deliver upon mothers consent in writing (the birth-plan).

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